Scrooge McDuck Egg in Epcot’s Egg-Stravaganza! AKA – Epcot World Showcase Update?!

Two years ago the rumor of the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure was confirmed as WDW shared updates coming to Epcot. Since then the world shut down due to the threat of a global pandemic, and news of the new interactive adventure because sparse. We hear from people all the time asking for updates on whether progress is taking place or not.

Sadly, there have been few indications whether DuckTales World Showcase was still coming to Epcot or not, but a recent visit to the park has revealed a possible clue. Maybe, just maybe, those Ducks won’t back down.

The DuckTales World Showcase Adventure was announced to be replacing Agent P’s Showcase Adventure in WDW’s Epcot. We do know that at least parts of the Agent P interactive experience have been removed, and we also know that some of DuckTales’ writing staff worked on a story. Agent P’s Showcase Adventure was an interactive experience where guests could participate through their mobile device (at least in it’s latest iteration). You can learn more about the news by checking out this blog from two years ago; DuckTales Coming To Epcot World Showcase!

So, what is the big news? Could be nothing, but it also might be something. In the weeks leading up to Easter, Epcot hosts an “Egg-Stravaganza”. During this time, guests can purchase a card and attempt to locate various Disney themed eggs hidden all over the park. The Agent P decorated egg in Epcot has been replaced with a Scrooge McDuck egg this year. The fact that it was the Agent P egg replaced by a Scrooge McDuck egg may be a coincidence, but that seems unlikely.

Picture by Eric Rovtar (@EricRovtar)

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