DuckTales Coming to Epcot’s World Showcase!

A long time rumor has become fact today. There was a media event taking place at Epcot today and one of the exciting new additions to Epcot is a DuckTales World Showcase Adventure on the Disney Play app.

This adventure will take the place of the current Agent P’s Showcase Adventure. This Phinease and Ferb themed interactive adventure was designed to provide a fun experience for kids visiting the World Showcase in Epcot.

No word on whether the DuckTales version of the interactive game will include interaction with the surroundings like the current World Showcase Adventure or if it will be in app only. What we do know is that the creators on the show were involved in creating the adventure and Frank Angones, Co-Producer of DuckTales, has indicated it will include many characters including villains.

It is great seeing DuckTales 2017 have a presence in the Disney Parks. It means the characters will most likely outlive the show, and MAYBE it indicates Disney’s willingness to continue the show beyond season 3. No word on when DuckTales World Showcase Adventure will be available in Epcot. Stay tuned for updates.