The Ducks Are Still Coming To Epcot!

Attraction Magazine has confirmed with a spokesperson at Walt Disney World that the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure is still a go at Epcot!

The project was first announced around a year ago.

This is great news for DuckFans who are still coping with the news that DuckTales 2017 will end with the season 3 finale.

After Matt Youngberg and Frank Angones were able to confirm the show’s ending for fans online last week, there were some concerns that the plans for the Showcase Adventure may be on hold or cancelled. But those concerns can be alleviated for the time being. Of course many projects at Epcot are currently on hold and/or in the process of being cancelled due to financial woes caused by the global pandemic.

It is nice to hear that the project continues, and that DuckFans from all over the world will be traveling the World Showcase searching for clues and interacting with the stars and villains of DuckTales 2017. We will continue to follow this story.


Our previous blog about the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure:

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