Darkwing Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes Figure Coming Soon from Beast Kingdom

Order: Darkwing Duck DAH Figure

Beast Kingdom’s fourth Disney Afternoon announced product in only the past two months is a dream come true…a dangerous dream come true.

Beast Kingdom posted this photo on their social media channels this morning causing everyone’s wallets to scream Let’s Get Dangerous! This product is still in development, but hopefully it will be released next year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the character/show.

There is no additional information on Beast Kingdom’s website about this figure, but from this picture we can see a logo that tells us that this new Darkwing Duck product will be part of Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure series.

Here is a description of that product lineup:

The D.A.H. series is Beast Kingdom’s first foray into the realistic, highly posable action figure market. These aren’t the typical action figures from yesteryear. With a focus on detail, durability and realism collectors from all age groups (teens and up) can enjoy the 8-inch range, whether they are posed on their included stand or played with. The wide assortment of included accessories completes the sets, which are based on some of the world’s most legendary superheroes and characters.

This Darkwing Duck figure is going to be a nice size and highly posable high end collectible. Other figures that Beast Kingdom has produced in this series include: Toy Story (Andy, Sid, Woody, Buzz, Aliens), Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow), DC (Batman, Superman, Joker), The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack Skellington, Santa Jack Skellington). That is a great lineup for Darkwing Duck to be included in.

The price looks like it will range around $59.99-$69.99 when I compare other Disney properties in this product line. Beast Kingdom’s products can be purchased on Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store’s websites.

Next year will be a great year to be a Darkwing Duck fan.

Update: Beast Kingdom showed off a CGI prototype of the Darkwing Duck figure at their Beast Con 2021 Virtual Con.

New image of the Beast Kingdom Darkwing Duck DAH figure.

We will of course post more info including preorder link as we receive it! Stay dangerous!

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