Funko Pop! Something Wild!: Star Wars Review!

Funko Pop! Something Wild! Has become our go-to card game for family game night.

We’ve been playing Something Wild! for over a year now and we’ve collected a dozen sets. Which is not obsessive with this game because you CAN combine sets. I recently reviewed the Mandalorian set and that review includes a description of how to play. I’ll include a link to that blog below, and the rest of this blog will be a review of the Star Wars set. Make sense? Yeah?

The Mandalorian Review!

So let’s talk about the Funko Pop! Something Wild! Star Wars Original Trilogy set. I have become a huge Star Wars fan over the past few years. When The Force Awakens was announced I decided to dive into the Prequel and Original trilogies. We watched the movies in chronological order (Longtime fans will think the blasphemous, but if you are sharing Star Wars with a new fan I highly recommend chronological order). We also started watching the animated series Rebels and the Clone Wars. When I saw that Funko Pop! was releasing a couple of Star Wars inspired Something Wild! sets I knew I had to have them.

The Review

Funko is well known for the distinct design of their collectibles and for producing packaging that makes collectors want to keep their new collectibles in the box. This set continues that tradition. I always like the design of Funko’s packaging, and it makes being an “Off Card” collector difficult.

The mini Pop! figure that comes with this set is Darth Vader. I would have preferred an Obi-Wan figure, but with his upcoming series maybe we see a set based on it! My own preference aside it really is difficult to select a more iconic character for this set than Darth Vader. The artwork on the box has him in an intimidating pose, but my actual figure has him holding a red lightsaber. All of the images I see online have this same figure, so I don’t believe it to be a chase figure or anything.

The cards include most of your Original Trilogy favorites. Luke, Han, and Leia are of course in the set. There are also cards for Chewie, R2-D2, C-3PO, Vader, a Stormtrooper, and the Emperor. The back of the cards have a cool color design with iconic Star Wars emblems that represent the colors used in the game. There are 45 Character Cards, 10 Power Cards, and the one mini Pop! figure.

The gameplay will not be new to anyone who has played Funko! Something Wild! The power ups for this set is fun, but we found ourselves using the instructions so we could look up what the new symbols represent. I’m sure with time we will have them memorized, but the game no longer utilizes text on the cards to explain the power available.

This set is combinable with the Star Wars The Mandalorian set that has also been released. We prefer playing with a couple of sets whenever the whole family plays, and we typically only use one set if it’s one on one play.

I can’t express enough how much we enjoy playing Something Wild! If you haven’t picked up the game before I highly recommend giving it a try, and if you are a Star Wars fan this set will bring a smile to your face.

Thank you to our friends at Funko Games for sending us this set to review.

Follow this Amazon Affiliate link if you would like to play Funko Something Wild! Star Wars Original Trilogy Card Game.

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