Herocross Donald Duck Patisserie Figure Set Review

Herocross combined two of my favorite things, Disney ducks and desserts, with their newly released Donald Duck Patisserie figure set.

This box set of figures has many of our favorite ducks including what could be the very first appearance of Della Duck as an officially licensed figure.

Our good friends at Herocross sent over the box set of figures for us to review and showcase on the blog.


The packaging for this figure set is cute and fancy as it resembles an elegantly wrapped pink and white striped present complete with bow. The top of the box features all of the duck figures in the Donald Duck Patisserie set.

The side of the box features a picture of all of the delicious desserts that our favorite Disney ducks get to enjoy.

Inside the box are twelve individual blind boxes that will include all twelve of the figures in the Donald Duck Patisserie set. The front of the blind boxes features a picture of one of the Daisy Duck figures.

The sides of the blind boxes display the figures that could be included in the box. You will not get any duplicate figures in your box set of Donald Duck Patisserie figures.

There is a rare variant figure that is randomly inserted into box sets of these figures. Only one out of every six box sets will have the variant figure.

This figure is Donald and Daisy Duck with a heart shaped Palmier. The variant figure will replace one of the other twelve figures in the base set. I was not lucky enough to get the variant figure in my box set, but you can see a picture of the figure below.


The following figures are included in the Donald Duck Patisserie set:

  • Donald Duck (Opera)
  • Donald Duck (Molten Chocolate Cake)
  • Donald Duck (Waffle)
  • Daisy Duck (Eclair)
  • Daisy Duck (Fraisier)
  • Della Duck (Mont Blanc Cake)
  • Huey (Macaron)
  • Dewey (Meringue)
  • Louie (Donut)
  • Scrooge McDuck (Croquembouche)
  • Gladstone Gander (Yule Log Cake)
  • Grandma Duck (St. Honore)

Each figure comes with an optional base.

You can combine the bases to form a bigger display piece.

A collector card for the figure is included in each blind box.

Donald Duck

Daisy Duck

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Della Duck

Scrooge McDuck

Gladstone Gander

Grandma Duck

Group Photos

Where to Buy?

The Donald Duck Patisserie box set retails for $113 USD and can only be ordered directly from Herocross’ website at the link below:

Herocross Donald Duck Patisserie Box Set

Final Thoughts

Herocross makes some must have Disney Duck products, and this box set of figures may be the best that they have made because of the variety of characters. An extremely rare appearance of Della Duck as a figure makes this a must have set. Daisy Duck taking a selfie with her dessert eclair is totally me. The molten chocolate cake is my favorite among the three Donald Duck figures. All of the figures are very expressive with their sculpts and the paint jobs really pop. They look great when displayed together in groups. This is an easy HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

The desserts look real and to be honest made me hungry during this review. I was influenced by Gladstone Gander and went out to buy a box of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.

The Donald Duck Patisserie figure set is outstanding overall, and I would love to see a series 2. Some additional Disney ducks that I would like to see are Fethry, Goldie, Magica DeSpell, Flintheart Glomgold, Darkwing Duck, and Launchpad McQuack.

Thanks again to Herocross for sending me a Donald Duck Patisserie box set to showcase and review on the blog.

Let us know what you think about the Herocross Donald Duck Patisserie figures in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Which figure is your favorite?

One comment

  1. Neat-o!

    I was thinking that it would’ve been great had they not had any repeat characters in this set, and replaced the two extra Donalds and one extra Daisy with Gyro, Fethry, and Magica!

    But sure, a second set would allow for even more of a variety; throw in Goldie, Glomgold, Gus Goose, Quackfaster, and a whole bunch of DuckTales characters like Webby, Beakley, Launchpad, Duckworth, Bubba, Fenton/Gizmoduck and more!

    They look fun! Thanks for the post (and for keeping the images clickable)!

    Liked by 1 person

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