Qmx Negaduck Q-Fig Available!

We know that you DuckFans have been excited for this release. The limited edition Negaduck Q-Fig has been released on Qmx’s website and on Entertainment Earth.

Quantum Mechanix announced their Darkwing Duck Q-Fig for release this year (the show’s 30th anniversary). You can check out our blog for that figure and two Gargoyles’ figures by following this link: Disney Afternoon Q-Figs

The Negaduck Q-Fig is a limited run of 2,000 numbered figures. Check out the images below as well as links to Qmx’s website and Entertainment Earth’s website. Entertainment Earth’s website indicates that the figure will be released in September.


qmxonline.com Negaduck Preorder

Entertainment Earth Negaduck Q-Fig Preorder

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