Disney Emoji Blitz The Three Caballeros Item Card Event Guide (5/12-5/16)

Aye Caramba! The Three Caballeros Item Card Event in Disney Emoji Blitz is finally here. The event will give players a chance to unlock Caballero Donald, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles May 12-May 16.

We will continue to update this event guide as we unlock more emojis and obtain more info about the event.

We got our first glimpse of the new Three Caballeros emojis in a few promo images that Disney Emoji Blitz released on social media.

Upon completing the event, you will earn a diamond box where you will have a chance to unlock one of the Three Caballeros emojis. During the event, you will unlock additional Three Caballero related item emojis. You can also purchase a diamond box in game for 200 gems which you can pay for with real money or earn in game.

Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles are Gold Box Emojis which will be available after the event in random Gold Boxes (30000 coins). Caballero Donald Duck is a Story emoji, and he is exclusive to this event which can only be obtain in special boxes.

The odds of getting a specific caballero in the diamond boxes vary: Panchito Pistoles (40%), Jose Carioca (40%), Caballero Donald Duck (20%).

There is also a regular Donald Duck emoji that you can try to unlock from a Silver Box (15000 coins) if you are unable to obtain the exclusive Caballero Donald Duck emoji from the event.

You can play as any emoji during this event, but playing as one of the Three Caballeros emojis will help you collect some of the rarer items on your emoji cards to advance you farther in the event faster.

I had 200 gems saved up in anticipation for this event, so I redeemed a diamond box as soon as the event started. I unlocked Panchito.

Let’s check out the Panchito’s emojis and his special move.

Panchito and Donald fly into the board to deliver special powers such as lightning bolts, suns, and stars.

I received a diamond box as a reward for completing the event. I unlocked Jose Carioca.

Let’s check out the Jose Carioca emojis and his special move.

A pencil draws the train track that Jose’s train to Baia travels down and removes emojis as it goes down the track.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to unlock the Caballero Donald Duck emoji which is only available as part of this event unless I purchase an additional Diamond Box. I hope that he will be available again at a future event.

Here are the Three Caballeros item emojis that you can unlock as part of the event. There are four levels that make up this event. The levels are titled:

  • Cousin Jose
  • Cousin Panchito
  • Happy Birthday Donald!
  • The Three Caballeros
Cousin Jose
Cousin Panchito
Happy Birthday Donald!
The Three Caballeros

Good luck on your Disney Emoji Blitzing for this event. Let us know what Three Caballeros Emojis that you unlock. Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks.


  1. Thanks for sharing the emoji deets, you’re the reason I got hooked on the game a while ago when they had Webby and Scrooge in a diamond box

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