DuckTalks Episode #120 – So Long 2020!

Our first episode of 2021! Join Pirate Steven and Mitch as they talk about a lot upcoming DuckMerch and some of our favorite moments from 2020.

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Disney Afternoon Q-Figs!

DuckTales Returns February 22nd!


  1. I want to ask…

    I know that Darkwing duck is at work at disney+ but do you guys know anything about the reboot about darkwing duck and if Negaduck AKA jim starling is goin to be on the reboot of darkwing duck or he at least come on ducktales episode like steelbeak on ducktales being in two episodes. And knowing if that jim cumming is voice act Negaduck in darkwing reboot or jim cumming hate or hate the new character of Negaduck secret identity of jim starling?….


    • Hey Jim,

      We haven’t heard anything since the supposed “leak” that the show was in the works for Disney+. In fact, that report doesn’t line up with anything that we previously knew about a DuckTales spin-off series for DWD. Everything we knew about the spin-off’s development contradicts what those reports of the PointGrey Reboot.

      At this point we don’t know what is currently happening. There may be a DWD spin-off series in development that would use the character already created in the DuckTales 2017 universe, including Jim Starling AKA Negaduck.

      Or there may be a Darkwing Duck reboot that will be produced by PointGrey. I doubt this series would include the characters created for DuckTales 2017, and I seriously doubt that project would be planned without Jim Cummings voicing the Masked Mallard and Negaduck.

      I’m not sure how Jim feels about Jim Starling from DuckTales 2017… because he hasn’t said much about the character. I did get a chance to ask him once at Conapalooza and he didn’t have much to say about the character or story.

      Hopefully, a Spin-off or a Reboot is in the works and we can Get Dangerous in 2021 with a sweet, new DWD series.


  2. I also wanted to know that why put Negaduck in ducktales2017 with only one seeings of Negaduck episode of “The Dark Knight Duck Return” or putting Steelbeak in two of ducktales episodes instead of Negaduck?

    OR ,If Frank is goin to tell his plans on Negaduck reboot. Knowing that frank had alots of idea for Negaduck if ducktale will have a season 4. I’m in the ducktales episode of “Let’s Get Dangerous” of darkwing we see the fearsome 4 and see how they are fiction villain characters from the a TV show From Darkwing. And see if there ever goin to be a episode of the Fearsome 5 or how the fearsome four will see Negaduck knowing how he looks like Darkwing but in Yellow, Black and red instead of purple and dark pink?

    How will Drake and Launchpad will see how there beloved of hero had became a villain and had gone insane over the year/months in swerer. Keep telling Drake that he call him self Negaduck and no longer jim starling, how Negaduck gave him a new role of the grim and greedy part. See how alistairboorswan wanted grim and greedy.


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