Rescue Rangers Live Action Movie Keeps On Keeping On!

Back in 2015, or maybe it was 2016, I first heard about a Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers movie. The reports indicated that the movie would be a live action/CGI hybrid similar in design to The Chipmunk movies that had recently been released. Back then DuckTales 2017 hadn’t been announced and this news sparked my interest in new Disney Afternoon Content.

In fact, it was me searching for news on this movie that led to my discovery of DuckTales 2017. That is when I started following the production of both projects. We recently had some news about the RR movie when a director was found. Akiva Schaffer is reported to be the director. But that feels like years ago at this point.

So it was a joy to see the reporting that production is set to begin filming next Spring in LA. I am also glad to hear that the movie will be part of Disney+’s Original lineup. I believe this to be a better fit for the project than a theatrical release and offers it a greater opportunity of success.

The report is also saying that it is likely the original cast will reprise their roles in the movie. Tress McNeil, Cory Burton, and Jim Cummings are all expected to return as Chip, Gadget, Dale, Zipper, and Monterrey Jack!

We will continue to follow this story. What are you thoughts on the movie? Do you like it moving to Disney+? Join the conversation below in the comments, on social media, or our Discord!



  1. Cool! So, I though Jim Cummings plays Negaduck, right? Anyway, since there is a Ducktales reeboot Darkwing Duck should get one! Actually, he is in the ducktakles hour long special, so it kinda counts. Why have there been no live action chip n dale things? (images.)


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