“Let’s Get Dangerous!” Added To Disney XD’s YouTube!

Nuff said. Go watch!

Thanks to @blytheandferb21 for being the first person we saw share it!


  1. I have stuff:

    New Gods On The Block: The kids try to prove themselves by auditioning to take Zeus’ place amongst the Greek gods, while Storkules interferes with Donald and Daisy’s date.

    “The First Adventure!” Scrooge is forced to babysit young Donald and Della as they go on their first adventure to find a powerful artifact, unaware that Bradford is taking on this mission personally.

    “The Fight for Castle McDuck!” A bitter feud between Scrooge and his sister, Matilda, spreads to the rest of the family as Phantom Blot attempts to steal a priceless artifact and destroy Castle McDuck once and for all.

    “How Santa Stole Christmas!” Scrooge teams up with his archrival, Santa Claus, to save Christmas, while Webby discovers the true history behind their infamous feud.

    Those are the episode descriptions!

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  2. I sent you my blog!

    It is:

    Title: New Ducktales November Episodes have descriptions and Let’s Get Dangerous Review!

    Thing: If someone asks a question, know that I can answer it, can I?

    Okay, have you read the blog New DuckTales Episodes In November?! – DuckTalks? If you read it, then do you remember the “New Episodes”? Here they are:

    The Split Sword Of Swastine! 11/2 The kids pair off to find the missing pieces of a mystical sword hidden throughout an Istanboar marketplace, unless F.O.W.L. gets to them first.
    New Gods On The Block! 11/9 The kids try to prove themselves by auditioning to take Zeus’ place amongst the Greek gods, while Storkules interferes with Donald and Daisy’s date.
    The First Adventure! 11/16 Scrooge is forced to babysit young Donald and Della as they go on their first adventure to find a powerful artifact, unaware that Bradford is taking on this mission personally.
    The Fight for Castle McDuck! 11/23 A bitter feud between Scrooge and his sister, Matilda, spreads to the rest of the family as Phantom Blot attempts to steal a priceless artifact and destroy Castle McDuck once and for all.
    How Santa Stole Christmas! 11/30 Scrooge teams up with his archrival, Santa Claus, to save Christmas, while Webby discovers the true history behind their infamous feud.

    I don’t think we have any more time, bye! If you have comments type them down below!

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  3. Blog Title: Why Does Scrooge Hate Santa Clause? (My Guess)

    It was in the episode “Last Christmas!” that we found out about Scrooge hating Santa.
    Here is my GUESS: It was Christmas morning, and Della and Donald were playing in the snow, andmeanwhile Scrooge was looking out his window, waiting for Santa Clause. “Why won’t he come?” Asked Scrooge. “It is Christmas eve, and he hasn’t come!” So he went to bed an hour early. The next day, Scrooge, Della, and Donald rushed down for their presents. And, actually, Scrooge slept in! So Donald And Della waited for Scrooge. When he woke up, he discovered he had no presents; Santa forgot him! So that’s why he hates Santa, he has NEVER since then come to Scrooge. If you actually know the answer, comment down below!


  4. Moonavasion! Script:

    ♪ Life is like a hurricane
    here in Duckburg ♪

    ♪ Race cars, lasers
    airplanes, it’s a duck-blur ♪

    ♪ Might solve a mystery
    or rewrite history ♪

    ♪ DuckTales, whoo ♪

    ♪ Everyday they’re out there
    making DuckTales, whoo ooh ♪

    ♪ Tales of derring-do, bad
    and good luck tales, whoo ooh ♪

    ♪ D-d-d danger
    lurks behind you ♪

    ♪ There’s a stranger
    out to find you ♪

    ♪ What to do
    Just grab on to some ♪

    ♪ DuckTales, whoo ooh ♪

    ♪ Everyday they’re out there
    making DuckTales, whoo ooh ♪

    ♪ Tales of daring,
    bad and good ♪

    ♪ Not pony tales or cotton
    tales, no, DuckTales, whoo ooh ♪

    *DUCKTALES (2017)*

    *DUCKTALES (2017)*
    Season 02 Episode 24

    Episode Title:

    Ah, Della,

    what can I do for you
    on this beautiful morning?

    Uncle Scrooge,
    remember how great you felt

    when I came back from the moon
    after all those years?

    All the unconditional love?

    More than
    you’ll ever know, lass.

    I’ll remember
    that feeling always.


    I need you to really
    hold on to that feeling.

    Curse me kilts!

    Is that the Spear
    of Selene?!

    You promised
    you wouldn’t be mad.

    The rockets
    touched down just minutes ago.

    It’s still not clear
    what they want,

    but authorities urge everyone
    to remain calm…

    Come on, Carl.

    All of Duckburg watches

    as authorities send in
    their top man.

    Okay, Fenton,
    it’s just first contact

    with life from beyond the stars.

    Cosmically historic.

    Totally manageable.

    Uh, hi! We’re Earth.

    And you are?

    Mm-mm! Mmm…

    Oof! Maybe I misheard
    Penny’s invasion warning.

    Lot of static in space.

    Gizmoduck, watch out!


    We are the mighty!

    We are the Moon!

    Aw, phooey.


    Run! Run! Look out!

    Faster, Beakley!

    The Bin is
    the most secure place in town.

    Dewey, this is it.

    Saving Earth is
    my dew-stiny.

    Come face the chosen one!


    Why are they doing this?!

    They liked me so much!


    I have a plan.

    Gyro! It’s time.

    the Unstoppa-Bomb.

    The Moonlanders, um,

    already found that
    and stopped it.

    Uh, alright, then…

    Activate the Doomsday Ray.

    That was like,
    the first thing they took out.


    I swore I’d never have
    to initiate our worst weapon…

    And you never will,
    because they destroyed that too.

    This was
    a very well-planned invasion.

    Greetings, puny Earthers,

    I am General Lunaris

    of the vastly superior
    Planet Moon.

    The moon’s not a planet…

    Yeah, it’s
    a whole thing with them.

    For too long,
    my people have lived in fear

    of your Earth
    hanging in the sky.

    The time has come
    for the Earth to fear us.

    I now wish to speak
    to Scrooge McDuck.

    than the smarties,” eh? Heh.

    Perhaps on Earth.

    You scurrilous
    space scoundrel!

    You’ve probably
    just realized

    that I’ve taken out
    your defenses.

    And you’ve retreated
    to the strength

    of your impenetrable
    “Money Bin”.

    What you don’t know
    is that family…

    But as we all know,
    your family is

    the greatest strength of all.

    Which is why
    I’m coming for them next.

    Lunaris… has arrived.

    We need to call for help.

    Unless Lunaris took down

    our communication
    satellites too.

    Uh, no. Louie did.
    That was last week!

    I didn’t know there’d be
    an alien invasion this week.

    I may have a solution.

    Lil’ Bulb’s Bulb-Tech
    operates on its own network.

    They can talk to each other
    like walkie-talkies.

    Find our allies!

    Go, children.
    Like the wind!

    Uncle Scrooge,
    Lunaris is coming for our family.

    We have to do something.

    Kids! Great news.

    We’re gonna heroically
    face-off against the enemy?

    While Gyro’s Bulbs

    search the town for fighters,
    we’re gonna search the globe!

    I need Webby’s skills,
    Dewey’s gusto,

    Huey’s know-how, and Louie?

    I need you to see
    the angles I can’t.

    I won’t let you down, Mom.

    To the Cloudslayer!


    Mr. McDee needs me!

    Why won’t this start?

    Oh, right… fire.

    I am the terror
    that flaps in the night!

    I am the scream
    you can hear in space! I am…

    Anything dangerous in there?

    Nah. Just some purple weirdo.

    Move out!

    purple weirdo?!

    Darkwing! You saved me!

    This is Scrooge
    McDuck, calling all forces to the Bin!

    Ah, a call to action.

    The city needs a savior and…

    Repeat, all forces to the Bin.

    Good idea.
    You be my ears

    so I can focus
    on defending the people.

    This is Scrooge McDuck,
    calling all forces to the Bin!

    This is Scrooge McDuck,
    calling all forces to the…

    What the craters is this?

    Huey to Uncle Scrooge.

    Our top secret mission
    is underway.

    Good thing
    this is a secure line

    or the Moonlanders
    would know we’re in…

    I repeat,
    we are approaching Egypt.

    And our first stop:
    the Temple of Toth Ra! Ugh!

    We’ll bring Amunet’s army of
    living mummies back to Duckburg.

    My sources tell me our pal Djinn
    is in the area too.

    A regular ol’ twofer.

    Good thinking.
    All part of the plan.

    Huey, got
    those bulb phones ready?

    Mm, yeah…
    Working on it!

    There’s the pyramid!

    Perfect. We swoop down,

    pick up our forces,
    and get back to Duckburg…

    before the invasion can…


    – H’boy. – H’boy. – H’boy.
    – H’boy. – H’boy.

    No. No.

    Djinn, Amunet, it’s Huey Duck.

    You guys okay down there?

    We’ll be fine!

    Moon, Sun,

    or the North Star itself,

    nothing will prevent me
    from upholding my…

    Ooh! My haunches!

    Don’t worry,
    we’re coming for you!

    Where are the rest
    of your people?

    Safe in the pyramid.

    Dewey, Webby,
    watch for lasers.

    Mom, take us down!

    No, Ma, lower.

    Go down.
    No, the pyramid’s the other way.

    There’s no place to land.

    There’s a spot.
    There’s another spot.

    In fact, it is
    mostly flat desert out there.

    Djinn and Amunet can’t
    hold back them much longer.

    The Moonlanders
    will invade the pyramid!

    But… what about the plan?

    Reinforcements and…?

    We’ll find them
    some place… safer.

    I can’t
    believe we defeated a sun god

    only to be attacked
    by moon people.

    If only there was some kinda,
    I don’t know, moon god.

    Or goddess!

    To Ithaquack!

    We could sternly
    ask them to leave.

    Buddy, you are
    a waste of magic.

    Simple solution: clone army.

    Why are we even still talking?
    I’ll get the clone spray.

    Meantime, we throw Gizmoduck
    out there as a decoy.

    You hurt him, I hurt you.

    Ha-ha! Thank you

    for your concern,
    random citizen!

    Fenton, I’m a detective
    and your mother.

    I know you’re Gizmoduck.

    M’Ma! Secret identity.

    What we need is a symbol
    to strike fear in their hearts.

    Smoke bomb.
    An unknown figure appears.

    Who’s that?
    Lightning! Chaos! Drama!

    They surrender immediately
    to Darkwing Duck!

    I’m sorry, who is that?

    Hi, I’m Gizmoduck.

    When there’s trouble,
    you call me.

    What’s your name?

    Guys, guys, I got it!

    What we need… is a plan.

    And that plan is Darkwing.

    one ever won a battle by squabbling.

    We need to stand united
    under one foolproof plan.

    Ahem. Lunaris did defeat

    your first three
    foolproof plans.

    Aye. And he thinks
    we’re running scared.

    The last thing he expects is
    for us to run at him.

    Yeah, cause it’s crazy.

    I know every inch
    of that mansion.

    If I can get up there,
    I can sneak

    onto Lunaris’ ship
    and take him down.

    But we need a distraction:

    our army will attack
    his army head-on.

    I’m sorry, what army?

    My great-grandfather
    used to say,

    “Give me 12 highlanders
    and a bagpiper

    and I’ll give you a rebellion.”

    We may be
    a ragtag gang of underdogs,

    but we’ll survive
    like we always do.

    Because we’re smarter.

    We’re tougher.
    We’re sharper.

    Follow my lead, and we’ll win
    this battle square!

    Ah, no… Stop…

    I am man, you are machine.

    Ow! Get off me!

    Hello? Selene?

    Goddess of the Moon?

    Open the ding-dang-door,

    ya pantheon of palookas!

    We’d love
    to help you,

    but we’re kinda grounded.

    Father, please!
    What of the Earth?

    What of my Donald?!

    No! We are not helping
    Scrooge McDuck.

    If the mortals jumped off
    a bridge, would you jump too?

    Yes, Father,
    for I am immortal!

    Please, let us in!

    So we can figure out a plan
    to stop the Moonlanders.

    We need to hide!

    …our plan from spies
    so maybe we can talk it over

    on the plane back
    to Duckburg?

    We can’t ever go back
    to Duckburg!

    Without you!
    I think?

    Sorry, Mom,
    I’m a little lost here.

    Trust me, it’s the plan.

    You don’t need to know
    every part of the plan,

    but it’s a great plan.

    Is part of the plan
    saying “plan” a lot?

    Look, what’s
    going on here, Mom?

    Sorry! Call me later,

    we’ll hang out
    if we’re not all conquered?

    Sir, we’ve secured
    the only path to the mansion.

    No one’s getting through.

    Very good.

    It’s all falling into place.

    Ugh. He’s launching some kind
    of horrible sonic warfare!

    Stick to the plan.

    Everyone hold,
    until I give word.

    Hold. Hol-lllld…

    Oh, no.
    Sorry, everyone!

    Oh, no. Oh.

    Oh, okay…

    There we go.

    Oh, fine! Just go!

    Launchpad and, uh,
    purple guy…

    Actually, it’s Darkwing…

    No time! Drive!


    – M’Ma!
    – I got him!

    You’re embarrassing me
    in front of the rebellion.

    These aren’t
    some bank robbers.

    It’s an invasion!

    What are you gonna do,

    Cream them.

    Mmm! What is
    this delicious flavor?

    Lemon merengue.
    Harpies love it.

    Not bad, Gizmopollito.


    Ah! Dr. Gearloose!

    Don’t worry.

    That was a clone.

    That might have been me.

    None of us
    really know anymore.


    Mr. McDuck, I don’t know how
    much longer we can hold them!

    Trust me,
    Beakley, it’s going just as planned!

    I am the black hole that…

    I am the supernova that…

    Can you slow down please?

    I have to get to Lunaris

    before he realizes I’m missing
    from the battlefield.

    But if no one knows
    we’re coming,

    well, how can
    they be terrified of me?

    For the last time,
    you ignominious egomaniac,

    they’re not scared of you.

    They barely
    even notice you.

    Okay. We can get
    to the Dawson Mines.

    Ooh! Or the caves
    of Mt. Neverrest!

    But those places
    are abandoned.

    I thought we were looking
    for recruits to fight Lunaris!

    I’m sure Mom’s just,
    ya know,

    looking to set up
    a second base to attack from?


    Don’t worry. The hero
    of Earth’s here to save you.

    And Webby is here to save me.

    Dewey-Ex Machina!


    We have to go back
    to Duckburg.

    The plan’s not working.

    We had a chance to get Amunet
    and Djinn, but we ran away.

    And back at Ithaquack
    you were more worried

    about getting us in
    than getting reinforcements out.

    It’s almost like…

    The plan
    isn’t about finding help.

    It’s about running away.

    We’re being scammed!

    Lunaris is targeting us.

    If I told the truth,
    you wouldn’t have come.

    So we don’t fight back?

    We leave
    our friends and family?

    You’re my family.

    I can’t lose you again!

    Almost… there and…

    There’s Scrooge McDuck!

    Forget him!
    Get Scrooge!

    Halt, Earther!

    Who’s this?

    I am sharper
    than the sharpies.

    I am tougher
    than the toughies.

    I am Scrooge McDuck!

    Ooh, impressive entrance!


    And now prepare your…

    Where did he…?
    How did he…?

    Oh! DW, are you okay?

    They finally
    paid attention to me.

    I am a hero!

    I am…

    Who am I?

    Darkwing Duck!


    I’m about to show you

    who’s really smarter
    than the smarties.

    There you are.

    Took long enough.

    You see, Scrooge,
    my father taught me

    that fear
    is a powerful weapon.

    Fear can motivate
    the Moonlanders

    to invade your planet.

    Fear can make
    the ridiculous people of Earth

    put their faith in a foolish
    old man’s foolhardy plan.

    Fear can drive away Della,
    the one Earther

    with any knowledge
    of my people.

    Fear can even distract
    the great Scrooge McDuck

    as I landed
    this planetary engine!

    Uh, behind you.

    It’s time your pathetic Earth
    revolved around the moon!

    You’ll never
    get away with this.

    I just did.

    No visible sign of life.

    We’re heading back to Duckburg.

    Uh, we made it.

    We’re safe!
    And stuck.

    You’d have to be pretty unlucky
    to be stranded here.




    Hot dog! We’ve got company!

    – Where have you been?
    – Where have you been?

    If you were home
    when I got back,

    you’d know
    I was stuck on the moon…

    Which, by the way,
    is invading us!

    I know! I warned you!

    We didn’t get a warning!

    Stop yelling at each other!

    I could’ve been named Turbo!

    You owe me 11 years
    of Turbo!

    Don’t change the subject!
    Just because I missed you

    doesn’t mean
    I’m not mad at you!

    I missed you too, ya big dummy!

    Aw, boy, I love a reunion!

    Has the melon been a thing

    the whole time
    I’ve been gone or…?

    No, that’s new.

    Maybe if I… Oh, no,
    he’ll take us out here…

    Okay, what if I…?

    There you are!

    I thought we were meeting
    at Thumbs,

    not Chums,
    because I wrote the name

    of the emergency meeting place,

    Chums, on my thumbs.

    You can understand the mix-up.

    Also everyone’s been captured
    by Moon guys.

    Grrrrr… Blasted tartar sauce!

    Uh, is he okay?

    He’s… strategizing.
    Everything’s fine.

    Sure, we had an army before

    and now there’s
    only an elite squad of five.

    Four. I’ve decided
    you’re doomed.

    My time
    would be better be served

    preparing your places
    in the afterlife.


    Not reassuring
    that he went down instead of up.

    Well, wherever Della
    and the kids are,

    at least they’re together.

    Thank goodness you found us!

    After Penumbra helped Donald
    escape those evil Moonlanders,

    why, he crash landed
    on this island.

    Where I met my best friend!

    You met Penny on the moon?
    Is she okay?

    I miss her constantly
    trying to impale me.

    We’ve been
    having a real good time.

    Sharing sandwiches,

    drinking sea water smoothies
    to drown our sorrows…

    You’ve been surviving
    on sea water

    and sand
    this whole time?

    But now I’m saved!

    You must have
    been searching for him for months!

    We totally knew

    you were missing
    and not on a cruise.

    – Did we?
    – Yes.

    – Just like the melon said.
    – That’s why we’re here.

    I told you your family

    would never forget about you!

    Which is why you have
    to go back, my friend.

    Lunaris is a monster.

    We have
    to go help Uncle Scrooge.

    And now
    that we found you,

    we can all fight
    Lunaris together!

    No way.
    The plan is to keep you

    as far away
    from danger as possible.

    Besides, Scrooge knows
    exactly what he’s doing.

    Ugh, I have no idea
    what I’m doing!

    I cannae see
    how to beat Lunaris.

    Every plan I come up with,
    he’s one step ahead!

    I’m afraid there’s
    no sane way to stop him.


    You all know me.

    Know how I make my living.

    You don’t need a plan.

    You need a scheme.

    A cockamamie one.

    What the blazes
    are you doing here?

    Didn’t your last scheme
    backfire so badly

    you lost your fortune
    to a child

    and turned literally every
    villain in town against you?

    And I survived!

    Like a Scottish cockroach!

    And you can survive too,
    if you listen to ole Flinty.

    Well, we are all
    out of good ideas.


    Welcome home!

    We can live here
    as long as we need!

    Look, kids,
    you have your own rooms!

    So let’s see, we’ve got
    this tree, sand and water.

    Whole lot of both.
    How can this get us home?

    Oh! Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!

    Keeping in mind Dewey
    can’t surf us to safety

    because he does not
    know how to surf.

    We don’t know that
    until I try!

    Welcome back!

    Who’s up
    for beach volleyball?!

    I’m looking at you!

    ‘Cuz we’re gonna need
    a ball.

    – No!
    – We don’t have time for games.

    We need to get back
    to Duckburg.

    It’s too dangerous.

    We don’t know what’s
    waiting for us back there.

    But the Earth needs
    our help.

    Scrooge will handle it!

    And how are we supposed
    to survive?

    It’s fine!

    Everything’s fine!

    We got a bunch of sand,

    zero contact
    with the outside world,

    a crashed plane
    we can use as a house, and…

    Hey! Shoo!

    Monster taking my stuff!

    Ah! Heh.

    Living here is great!

    No offense, Mom,
    but we might as well

    be living on the moon.


    You must be delirious
    from hunger.

    Here, have some delicious
    Oxy… chew…

    Oh, no.


    This is the moon
    all over again!

    See ya real soon!


    A Glomgold Industries Scheme,

    a subsidiary
    of McDuck Enterprises.

    Things are bad.

    Lunaris is manning
    a rocket full of lasers

    in the bay pushing
    the Earth out of orbit.

    That’s causing
    the Earth to freeze.

    Our army
    is being held captive.

    But Earth still has its heroes.

    Some bigger than others,
    I see…

    Sorry, do you not want
    to survive?

    Are we honestly going to trust
    this maniacal knock-off?

    Lunaris has a
    counter for every one of my plans.

    What else are we to do?

    and freeze to death?

    Well, it does seem
    less painful than this.

    This is our last hope, people.

    If you all blindly follow
    my plan, we may have a chance.

    Thanks to my ultimate weapon!

    Is that shark
    wearing a parka?

    I call it a Sharka!

    Because Papa doesn’t want

    his precious babies
    getting sick.

    No, I don’t. Ah!

    I’m going to miss
    being a planet.

    Hey, Mom.

    I drew this
    back when I had to imagine

    what you boys looked like.

    I think
    you really nailed Dewey.

    On the moon, all I could
    think about was being your mom.

    The adventures!
    The fun!

    I wasn’t prepared
    for all this.

    Look, I hate surprises.

    I like seeing every angle
    of a situation

    so that
    I can take control of it.

    But you can’t plan
    for everything.

    Sometimes a robot boy
    uses you as a piñata.

    I think I’m losing
    the thread here.

    But sometimes the mom
    you thought you lost comes back.

    And that’s a surprise too.

    So you deal
    with the bad surprises

    because they may lead
    to a good one.

    But what if Lunaris succeeds?

    What if I lose you again?
    What if…?

    You know, when I’m terrified,
    which is often,

    I try to remember
    this old song.

    ♪ Face each new sun with eyes
    clear and true ♪

    ♪ Unafraid of the unknown… ♪

    ♪ Because I’ll face it all
    with you ♪

    I wrote that song
    before I got lost.

    How did you hear it?

    Well, Uncle Donald used
    to sing it to us

    when we were little.

    That’s true.

    I read that.

    a pretty good surprise.

    Let’s go face
    the unknown together.

    So any ideas
    on how to get back or…?

    Ahoy there!


    Cousin Gladstone?!
    Cousin Fethry?!

    Della? Donald?

    Huey? Dewey?
    Green kid?

    Girl kid?

    Palm tree? Mmm…

    Hey, fam!
    Want some melon?

    …luckily my blimp
    was blown clear

    of the invasion
    and out to sea.

    That’s where Fethry
    and the lovely Mitzi found me.

    And just as
    I was getting peckish,

    we saw these melons floating
    in the ocean, which led us here.

    Crazy, huh?

    This is delicious!

    You want some, Donaldo?

    You guys need a lift?

    Aw, man,
    am I the Uncle Donald?

    Go, my babies!

    Eh, let me
    get this straight.

    The “Sharkas” eat through

    – the tower supports under the ice.
    – Obviously.

    And Beakley is dressed
    like this why?

    How else would
    we convince Lunaris

    that this giant slingshot
    is normal sized?

    Ever heard of
    an optical illusion?!

    Ugh. It’s gettin’
    real hot in here.

    Ooh! Ah!

    because Lunaris

    will think she’s
    just a… little boy,

    allowing her to fire Launchpad,
    who is a rock,

    up to the tower’s control room
    and shut it down.

    Now you’re
    gettin’ it, Scroogey.

    And, uh, what’s
    my part in this?

    You’ll distract Lunaris by
    pretending to be the one person

    no one would ever suspect
    of deceiving them.

    A man who everyone lets
    into their home,

    without question.

    No. No!

    You’re only doing this
    because you know I’ll hate it.

    you’ve gone too far!

    You animal!
    The thing he hates the most!

    Right. And how many
    of your plans worked?

    I can’t believe my father

    feared these Earthers.

    They’re pathetic.

    What the moon devil is this?

    Water beasts
    in winter clothing?

    Surely it would
    only weigh them down?


    Is that Scrooge’s housekeeper

    holding a man dressed as a rock?

    This is sad, even for Scrooge.

    Unless… he wants me
    to think that.

    An idiotic cover for
    a secretly brilliant strategy.

    Oh, what am I not seeing?

    Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Merry invasion.

    Scrooge, please.

    this “plan” you have is,

    it’s embarrassing us both.

    Oh, it’s not my plan.

    “You have to talk
    to the greatest,

    “most handsome, tenacious,
    honest, and noble boy

    on the tippity top
    of the Nice List…”

    Flintheart Glomgold!

    I’m sorry, who is this?

    Nice try, Moonman…
    Pretending not to know

    Earth’s greatest mastermind!

    “Glomgold, my boy!

    “Santa has a special present
    just for you!

    Takes out present.” Oh.

    “I’m giving you
    your company back!”

    Wait, what?!
    Of all the…

    Was this whole thing

    a scheme to get me
    to give up your company?!

    Ha! No take backs
    on Christmas!

    It’s not Christmas!

    Then why is Santa here?!

    Enough! No more tricks.

    What is your plan?!
    Is this part of it?!

    Bless me bagpipes.
    Flinty, I think it’s working.

    Of course it is!

    What is working?!

    What did you just do
    with your hand?

    I was a guy
    this whole time!

    What?! No!

    You were prepared
    for our best.

    But not our dumbest.

    And I’m the dumbest
    there’s ever been!


    How is this possible?

    I will not be stopped!

    Earth shall bow to my will!

    Oh, go, Glom! Go! Ah!


    No! You will live
    in fear of me!

    I am the mighty!

    I am the Moon!

    Greatest of the planets…

    The moon’s not a planet!

    Stop. Saying. That!

    Any last words, Earther?

    Hi, kids.


    – Hi, Uncle Scrooge! – Hi, Uncle Scrooge!
    – Hi, Uncle Scrooge! – Hi, Uncle Scrooge!

    None of this
    makes any sense!

    Uh, no!

    Pull, Mitzi! Pull!

    Looks like we’re out of luck.


    Oh! Oh! Hey!

    No! No!

    My plan is crushed!

    About time you came home!

    I hope you had
    a relaxing vacation

    while the rest of us
    were defending the planet!

    Oh, was he not on a cruise then?

    If the Earthers won’t live
    in fear of the moon,

    then they’ll die in fear of it!

    So, you guys got it
    from here, right?

    After I blow up the Earth,

    then you won’t be a planet!

    He wouldn’t
    blow us up, right?!

    Sorry, he’s gonna blow up
    where now?

    Wait, are
    we the bad guys?

    Don’t I owe you kids
    a trip into space?

    What? Who would dare?!

    Alright, we have
    to take out that engine

    before he hits Earth.

    Yes, sir.

    Ow! Grr…

    Ugh! But I can’t near
    that engine

    while his laser turrets are on!

    Kids, knock out those lasers!

    Dewey, you aim, I’ll fire!


    Move over!
    This is a ship.

    I am a sailor.

    This is a rocket ship, genius.

    I’m a pilot!

    Oh, bless me bagpipes,

    have I missed this.

    Dewey! Give me a turn.

    One more round and we can
    knock out that engine!

    Ah, there’s that
    indomitable Earth spirit.

    Can’t wait to crush it
    like I’ll crush your planet!


    There’s no escape this time!

    What are you doing?!

    I can’t find an angle out.

    Farewell, Della Duck.


    Hello, General.

    Hiya, roomie!

    Didn’t see that one comin’!

    Anyway, this is my family,
    you know Donald…

    Let me in!
    Oh, right.

    No! I will not be defeated.

    I’ve planned
    for every eventuality.

    Back up engines, activate!

    I said activate!
    That’s an order!

    Why won’t you…?

    What the…?

    Hey, Selene here,
    Goddess of the Moon.

    Probably heard of me.

    So, my brother Storkules

    is setting the Earth
    back into orbit as we speak.


    Bad news… your ship is stuck
    orbiting the Earth.

    Oh, no. Not that. Not…

    But good news:

    You’re the Earth’s
    newest moon!

    Aw, phoooeeeeeey!


    So, um, cool crash.

    I don’t suppose you’d like to
    grab a coffee or something…

    I could destroy you

    So, yes?


    Glomgold! Glomgold!

    Glomgold! Glomgold! Glomgold!

    I did it!
    I defeated Scrooge McDuck!

    We were
    on the same team!

    Well, we survived that,
    so what do we do now?

    I dunno.
    But we’ll do it together.

    This has gone too far.

    The Ducks almost cost us
    the world today.

    And without the world,
    who would we larceny against?

    The pieces
    are finally in place.

    Time to come out of the shadows,
    take control,

    and end Clan McDuck.

    If the McDuck family
    wants an adventure…

    we’ll give them their last.

    Sync corrections by srjanapala


  5. glomtales:

    OK. Being grounded forever
    isn’t so bad.

    I got my phone. My phone
    is also a TV, which is nice.

    Hi, Louie.

    You’re super-grounded,

    so I blocked
    your phone’s signal

    and replaced all your videos
    with this lecture on ethics.

    Way ahead of you.
    Thank you, Huey…

    Nice try.
    The dictionary defines

    – “grounding” as…
    – Aw, man!

    Hurry up, kids!

    Adventure calls
    and I’ve got a bet to win.

    Well, at least I can skip out

    on another
    insanely dangerous adven…

    Wait. Hobo bindles?
    Cans of beans?

    A carefree attitude?!

    They are not…

    Uncle Scrooge,

    your bet with Glomgold
    is over in two days.

    You clearly have
    more money than he does.

    Doesn’t this seem,
    I don’t know… mean?

    I didn’t come this far
    by not hunting for treasure.

    So to guarantee my victory, we are
    going after the Hobo King’s Ruby Bindle.

    We’re going where there’s Cherry
    Pep springs and the con man sings?!

    Where the gold geyser spews
    cash just for youse!

    Where all your laziest,
    schemeiest dreams come true…

    You’re heading to
    Big Rock Candy Mountain?!

    Oh, I am going.

    No, you are still grounded.

    No! What?!

    Uh… come on, kids,
    let’s finish packing.

    Big Rock Candy Mountain is the laziest
    quest of all time! It’s my dream!

    Your last dream made you
    take treasure from the past

    which almost destroyed time,
    space and your family!

    Now, to your room.

    You can come out
    when you learn

    that no good ever came
    from cockamamie schemes.





    You’re trespassin’.

    Get him outta here.

    I’m not here to rob you.

    I’m here to recruit you.

    The Beagle Boys ain’t for sale.

    I’m not looking for a henchman.
    I’m looking for a family.

    – What?
    – Huh?

    Because family

    is the greatest scheme of all.

    ♪ Life is like
    An evil scheme ♪

    ♪ Here on GlomTales ♪

    ♪ Sharks and bombs
    And Scrooge’s screams ♪

    ♪ It cannae Glom-fail ♪

    ♪ Cannae top my grand plan ♪

    ♪ To beat that Scotsman ♪

    ♪ GlomTales ♪

    ♪ Technically
    I’m Scottish as well ♪

    ♪ GlomTales ♪

    ♪ Uh… Scrooge stinks
    Scrooge stinks ♪

    ♪ Scrooge stinks
    Scrooge stinks ♪

    ♪ GlomTales! ♪

    ♪ What’s next? Oh, yeah ♪

    ♪ C-C-CG, it’s so fancy ♪

    ♪ Once Scrooge sees this
    There’s no chance ♪

    ♪ He can compete with
    The glory of GlomTales! ♪

    ♪ Bravest, strongest
    And most modest ♪

    ♪ GlomTales! ♪

    ♪ OK, we ran out of budget ♪

    ♪ But kids six to ten
    Will love it ♪

    ♪ GlomTales! ♪

    *DUCKTALES (2017)*
    Season 02 Episode 22
    Title: “Glom Tales”

    I finally figured out
    why I keep losing to Scrooge.

    You’re a moron?
    Your plans are terrible?

    He’s smarter and stronger
    and craftier and…

    It’s his family!

    He’s got a whole team
    who work harder and cheaper

    because they, I don’t know,
    “love him”?

    So I’m getting together
    a team…

    No, a family…

    Capable of wiping out
    Scrooge and his whole brood!

    Why, together, we should be able to
    take them down in two days, tops!

    Right now I need nephews
    and a Beakley.

    Please, Ma,
    let us keep him.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
    yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Burger’s right.
    We could use

    a strong male figure
    in our lives.

    “Two days,” huh?

    This ain’t about family,

    this is about your stupid bet
    with Scrooge, ain’t it?

    You dug your own grave, Glomgold,
    it’s time you lay in it.

    No, please!
    I cannae… I cannae…

    Spit it out!

    I cannae beat Scrooge McDuck,
    all right?!

    I’m gonna lose everything.

    I’ve spent my whole life trying
    to best him, but I cannae.

    None of us can.
    On our own.

    But if we work together
    to destroy him

    and his family before
    the bet is over,

    it all goes to us.

    Everything Scrooge owns,

    The deed to Duckburg.

    Which I could share
    with my family.

    Attention, boys!

    We’re gettin’ Duckburg back
    thanks to your new pa!

    I, uh,
    actually only need three.

    Never mind.


    Bye, family!

    I’m very sad I’m missing
    my dream vacation

    and definitely not gonna
    scheme my way

    to Big Rock Candy Mountain
    before you!

    Yeah, right.

    Scheme detected.

    – Hey! What the…?
    – Scheme detected.

    Scheme detected.

    Hi, sweetie!

    I thought you might try to worm
    your way out of being grounded,

    so I had Gyro program
    the DT-87 to babysit you.

    And to stop you from scheming.

    Hopefully it doesn’t turn evil.
    Love you!

    Wow, DT,
    new screen looks great.

    Listen, I wanna know the rules here
    so I can follow them.

    What is considered a “scheme”?

    Is it different from
    a plan or a plot?

    Where do you come down
    on ruses?

    We need clarification.

    So I’ll just pop over
    to Big Rock Candy Mountain

    to ask my mom for
    a clear definition.

    Yup, just so that we’re
    all on the same page, ya know.

    Request denied.
    Scheme detected.

    – What?!
    – Scheme detected.

    Oh, come on!
    That was a playful deception at best!

    I don’t know, G-gold.

    What don’t you know?

    We team up to take down
    Scrooge and his family.

    The drawings are very clear.

    Yeah, I don’t really take down,

    I build… my rep!

    Check it. My own
    online currency:


    It is worth more than every
    dollar in the world combined.

    Tell us where it is!

    It’s in the cloud.

    This is a waste of time.
    Let’s roll.

    But we need him to fight Gyro’s
    technological doohickery.

    Then manipulate him.
    Works like a charm on my kids.

    Beaks isn’t a real threat

    I’m sorry, what?

    Oh, right! Fine. Uh, yes.

    What kind of weak,
    nonthreatening hack

    would rely on technology
    to defeat Scrooge?

    Excuse you?

    Technology is the jam! Oh!

    I can wipe out your past,
    your future,

    your entire existence
    with a swipe of my finger.

    Because I am the future,

    and, yes, bro-sephus
    and bro-sephine,

    I am Scrooge’s downfall!

    I am Mark Beaks!

    Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!

    I am in.

    Welcome to the family.


    No need to check.


    Definitely snoring.

    Scheme detected.

    Fine, you caught me.

    Look, I feel terrible.

    I deserve to stay here
    in the dark

    to think about my actions.

    Classic Double Dummy Fake-Out.

    And I am also a fake.

    Why are we here?!

    We need a pilot!

    You could’ve
    just hired one!

    With that kind of small thinking,
    we’ll never beat Scrooge!

    So you seek the assistance
    of the charismatic corsair,

    the resplendent privateer, the…

    Uh, can we move this along?
    We’re kind of on a deadline.

    Join us and we’ll give you the
    vengeance that you crave.

    Everyone take five.


    I will join!

    But I, Don Karnage,

    must be the one
    to strike our foe down!

    No way. I’ve got dibs
    on destroying Scrooge.

    It’s my whole thing.

    Scrooge? No, no, no, no.

    I want Dewey Duck!

    – Uh, which one’s Dewey?
    – The blue one.

    The one who dared steal the
    spotlight from Don Karn…

    Sure. Fine. Whatever.

    Can I also sing as well?


    – But I can destroy Dewey Duck?
    – Yes.

    Now we’re ready.

    Set a course for McDuck Manor!

    The moment of reckoning
    is at hand for…

    Wait. Who is that
    under your thumb?

    The whole world will be
    under my thumb when I…


    Ah! I forgot to get a Webby.

    But we need a Webby.

    We can’t take on Scrooge

    without a freakishly
    strong wildcard.

    Ooh, you know
    what might be fun?

    No. Absolutely not.

    She is Scrooge’s
    greatest enemy.

    How dare you?!

    We don’t need her.

    As head of this family,
    what I say goes!

    Family vote.
    All in favor?


    Let’s go get Magica De Spell.


    In my wand lies the strength

    to fracture the cosmos!

    I will make the world tremble
    at my slightest scowl!

    Oh! I want
    a doggy balloon!

    Here’s a snake.

    Once I re-harness my powers,

    I’ll turn you all into snakes.

    – What?
    – Happy birthday.

    Why do we want her?
    She’s lost most of her powers.

    Perhaps it is a ruse.

    Perhaps she’s biding her time

    before striking down
    her unsuspecting victims!

    – She’s a queen.
    – Oh, man, she’s good.

    Oh, maybe you’d rather
    not destroy Scrooge

    and lose all your
    money to him instead?

    Ugh. Fine.
    I’ll go talk to her.

    Two, three, four!

    ♪ Happy happy birthday
    Look how much you’ve grown ♪

    ♪ It’s a happy happy birthday
    ‘Cause now you’re in the zone ♪

    The Fun Zone!

    This is me pretending to talk.

    I hate Scrooge
    more than you ever could.

    Peas and carrots.
    Peas and carrots.

    Peas and carrots.

    Sorry, guys, Magica said
    she’s not interested!

    Not interested in what?


    You’re obviously
    very busy here.

    Just all of
    Scrooge’s enemies…

    Lead by his greatest rival,
    me… are teaming up to…

    Take out his family and get our
    grim vengeance on Clan McDuck!

    And then we shall return here
    and declare war

    against the day manager
    and all children with birthdays!

    De Spell, what did we say

    about declaring magical war
    on children?

    Not to.

    I could not be more in.

    Ah, blind, petty revenge…

    That’s what family’s all about.

    Speaking of family,
    let’s go end Scrooge’s.

    You guys, our family is awesome!

    Help! DT-87!

    Louie tricked me into
    this closet and took my place!


    Mi mi mi mi.

    The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook

    There it is.

    DT-87! It’s me, Huey!

    Incoming call from Huey.

    Hey, Louie, cool hat.

    Thanks a lot, Huey.

    You would love this place!

    We’re floating up a river

    of fresh natural spring Pep!

    What?! Really?! Describe the
    flavor to me in intimate detail!

    Describe nothing,
    he hasn’t earned it!

    It’s the Hobo King
    on a gold silk reclining throne!

    He’s glorious!

    Just turn the camera
    slightly to the right!

    Oh, it’s not fair!

    What is so wrong
    with an innocent scheme?

    Accessing footage.

    Ethics is concerned
    with how your actions

    negatively affect
    those around you.



    your plans, your schemes,

    they only lead to bad things
    for your family.

    If you want to be
    a part of this family,

    you’ve gotta stop.

    This is the one thing
    I’m good at.

    Why can’t you see?

    All right, hot shot, you got everybody.
    Now what do we do?

    What our family does best.

    Destroy his.

    Scheme detected.
    Scheme detected.

    Scheme detected.

    Scheme detect…

    Must call Gizmoduck!
    Must call the military!

    Must call anybody!


    We’re sorry, the number
    you’re trying to reach

    has been blocked ’cause
    we’re invading your house!

    All right, see ya in a sec,
    ‘K, thanks, bye!


    Get out!

    A demon butler! How quaint!

    Would you like to take
    my coat, shawl,

    or ghost-banishing amulet? Ha!


    Daddy’s home.

    Oh, no!
    Magica De Spell!


    We’ve come for McDuck
    and family.

    So, uh,
    are the others here?

    N-no. They’re all gone.

    Oh. I see.

    Family meeting!


    You didn’t even check
    if they were home?!

    Don’t start with me,

    Dewey’s not even here?!

    But this one
    means nothing to me!

    Look, we’re here.

    Why don’t we
    annihilate the green one

    as sort of a warm-up?

    And then what?

    What was your scheme
    here, exactly?

    – Just show up and fight?
    – Of course not.

    I’m sure Flintheart
    had a perfectly good plan and…

    My scheme was to bring us
    all together, like a family!

    And then our family
    destroys his family!

    How is that not a plan?

    – Is this the plan?
    – Of all the absurd…

    A good scheme is like a family.

    It can be big, complicated,

    and people may not
    always understand it.

    But when the individual parts
    come together,

    they can achieve
    the impossible.

    And a family united
    is the finest scheme of all.

    Who cares?!

    In half an hour,
    McDuck’s gonna win the bet

    and become twice
    as rich and powerful.

    All those resources.

    All those
    magical artifacts.

    None of us will be able
    to destroy him.

    He will become…

    What do we do now, new Pa?

    Uh, even if I lose my fortune,
    we can still kill McDuck!

    Well then, your fortune
    goes to his family.

    Then we’ll destroy
    his whole family!

    I know how you can win the bet,

    but I want in.

    Mr. McDuck, I believe
    congratulations are in order.

    Why thank you, Owlson.

    We’re looking forward
    to having you on the team.

    Obviously I’m upset
    that I’ll be forced

    to work with a successful,
    competent businessman

    who can make all
    my business dreams come true!

    Very sad day.
    It’s a very sad day.

    Where is Flinty anyway?

    I’m gonna head to the mansion
    to give Louie

    his hobo souvenir.
    I’m worried about him.

    The DT-87 hasn’t reported a single
    scheme in 24 hours. Everything’s fine.

    Not so fast, McDuck!

    I knew
    this day would come.

    Magica’s grand revenge.

    I’m clearly standing in front!

    Lo, our moment is at hand.

    For years I schemed alone.

    Now I’ve added a family’s
    strength to my grand vision.

    Scrooge will bow
    before Clan Glomgold!

    And then cower
    before Magica De Spell,

    whose hatred is unbound
    by time and space!

    Your time is up, McDuck!

    The mighty Beagleburg
    will rise again!

    For a new day is on the

    and it belongs to those with
    a superior intellect!

    AKA me!

    And I, the supreme ruler
    of the skies, Don Karnage,

    seeks not Scrooge, but his
    nefarious nephew Dewey Duck!

    – You’ll rue the day!
    – The universe shall be mine!

    ♪ I’m comin’ for you
    You duck in blue! ♪

    Hey! We can’t all make declarations
    of hatred at the same time!

    And the name of vengeance
    shall be Glomgold! Hey!

    Wait! Not yet!

    It’s not my fault
    that I’m a better showman!

    I surrender! Where’s Gyro?

    I’m supposed to be
    fighting Gyro!

    Outta my way. McDuck is mine!

    I never promised that!

    Fine. We’ll split him.
    But I get the top half.

    No! That’s the part
    that screams!

    Not so fast!

    You “not so fast”!
    I’m the fastest!

    Hey! Everybody knock it off!


    This is not the plan!


    Lad, are you… helping them?

    That’s right, Scrooge.
    You didn’t win the bet. I did!

    Wait, what?!

    It was I, Flintheart Glomgold,

    who convinced all the other
    villains to band together!

    And it was I, Louie Duck,
    who convinced them

    to hand their resources
    over to Glomgold.

    Combined, they actually have
    more money than you.

    I saved your lives, but…

    Glomgold wins the bet.

    B-less me bagpipes…

    I did it. I won the bet
    and your company!

    With a scheme sorted out
    by your own nephew!

    Or should I say,
    my new partner!

    And now that I have your money

    – and your money…
    – Hey!

    I don’t need any of you!

    I am the richest duck
    in the world!

    I am unstoppable!
    I am Flintheart Glomgold!


    Flintheart Glomgold won.

    His name is on
    all the paperwork.

    Only your name’s not really
    Flintheart Glomgold. It’s…

    Duke Baloney.

    “Flintheart Glomgold”
    is a fake identity,

    so all your money,
    all your money,

    and all your money
    goes to your new partner

    who is…

    Hold on one sec,
    just let me check right here.

    Oh, right.


    Always read the fine print.

    Trademark Louie Duck.

    But that was my scheme!

    I got the family together!

    I was gonna steal their money
    from them after I won! I…

    Can explain.

    Let me get this straight.

    You stole
    all of our fortunes,

    and then lost it all
    to a child?!

    I wish I never had a new Pa!

    You scarred him for life!
    That’s my job!

    How could you betray us

    after such a dramatic speech
    about family?

    Face Punch App! Punch,
    punch, punch, punch, punch!

    Ow! Ah. It was in selfie mode.

    You’ve made a powerful enemy!

    I have enough hate in my heart
    for two Scottish billionaires!

    Should we do something?

    Eh, it’ll take care of itself.

    Curse you, everyone!

    Mom, I know I messed up before,

    but… seeing all the angles
    is what I’m good at.

    OK, but you need to take care
    to not hurt the ones you love.

    And I’ll be here to help you
    see the angles you can’t.

    Now all you have to do

    is turn the new company
    over to Scrooge

    and everything
    will go back to normal.




    Sync corrections by srjanapala


  6. DO you like the christmas blog?:

    Blog Title: Why Does Scrooge Hate Santa Clause? (My Guess)

    It was in the episode “Last Christmas!” that we found out about Scrooge hating Santa.
    Here is my GUESS: It was Christmas morning, and Della and Donald were playing in the snow, andmeanwhile Scrooge was looking out his window, waiting for Santa Clause. “Why won’t he come?” Asked Scrooge. “It is Christmas eve, and he hasn’t come!” So he went to bed an hour early. The next day, Scrooge, Della, and Donald rushed down for their presents. And, actually, Scrooge slept in! So Donald And Della waited for Scrooge. When he woke up, he discovered he had no presents; Santa forgot him! So that’s why he hates Santa, he has NEVER since then come to Scrooge. If you actually know the answer, comment down below!




  7. My Blog Title: ALL DUCKTALES REVIEW!!!!!!!

    Life is like a hurricane
    Here in Duckburg
    Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes
    It’s a duck-blur!
    Might solve a mystery
    Or rewrite history!
    DuckTales! whoo hoo!
    Everyday they’re out
    They’re making
    DuckTales! whoo-oo!
    Tales of daring do bad and good
    LuckTales! whoo-oo
    When it seems they’re heading for
    The final curtain
    Good deduction never fails
    That’s for certain!
    The worst of messes
    Become successes!
    DuckTales! whoo hoo!
    Everyday they’re out
    They’re making
    DuckTales! whoo-oo!
    Tales of daring do bad and good
    LuckTales! whoo-oo!
    D-d-d-danger watch behind you!
    There’s a stranger out to find you
    What to do, just grab onto some
    DuckTales! whoo hoo!
    Everyday they’re out
    They’re making
    DuckTales! whoo-oo!
    Tales of daring do bad and good…

    Ducktales is the best show ever, right?

    So we will review EVERY episode.

    Season 1:

    Season 2:

    There are no Season 3 reviews, so I am here to reveiw them.


  8. Season 3, Episode 1: Challenge Of The Senior Junior Woodchucks!

    Because of Huey, Ducktales Season 3 is the best season. This blog is only to review the end, but we’ll start:

    At the end, Huey is for sure going to win! When all of a sudden Violet comes

    (Image: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DWms6Nl84TF4&psig=AOvVaw1ob1TLJRFl5S4MSMqK9z_f&ust=1603385150050000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCIDwnqaRxuwCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD)

    So Huey’s Guidebook appears once again. He tries to encourage him, but Huey says, “Not helpful, Guideb-

    ook! Not Helpful!” Later, Huey says, “Are you coming, or not?” The Guidebook says, “Where you go, I

    Cannot follow!” And because of Violet, when Huey falls in lava, Violet saves him! “You really area better

    woodchuck than me!” Said Huey. Violet wins, and Scrooge and the triplets, along with Webby, Solve their own

    mystery and lead to others!


    • Hey Isaac Work became very busy today. I know you were commenting a lot on the site and you sent us a bunch of emails. I’ll have to look through all of it tomorrow to determine what is what.


      • Hopefully you aren’t busy on Mondays…. including October 29th, November 2nd, November 9th, November 16, and the 30th November. (Are you doing a Ducktales job or a… non-Ducktales one?)


  9. OK. (How did you stay awake till 11:10?) Well, it’s nice to at least “hear” from you.
    But just know that i’ll get crazy every 10 days I don’t get Ducktales, and then I go search for my Ducktales toys
    and go play withthem. I only have GizmoDuck, huey dewey and louie.

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