“LGD!” First Of DuckTales Volume 6 and TaleSpin Episode Description!

We had speculated that Monday’s DuckTales episode, “Let’s Get Dangerous!” might be the last episode in Volume 5 on digital purchase, but I was not surprised to find that it is the FIRST episode of Volume 6.

If you’ve never purchased a show divided into volumes instead of seasons, it allows the viewer to buy the season in two purchases instead of one. So the $60 season will cost you two $30 volumes.

Volume 5 of DuckTales has the first 11 episodes. “LGD!” is the 12th episode of season 3.

However, you shouldn’t have to purchase the volume just yet in the US. Disney XD’s marketing campaign for “LGD!” included access to the episode without a subscription to the channel on DisneyNow.

I checked both Prime Video and iTunes this morning. iTunes has the new Volume for $28.99, but it has not shown up on Prime Video at the time of this blog. *EDIT* The Volume is available on Prime Video.

Shoutout to Twitter user @ellanders for making sure we were aware of Volume 6. One new bit of information was in the volume description describing the TaleSpin tie-in episode. We learn that a “showboating pilot” is hired to take the adventuring ducks to an island of monsters. Although we have seen character designs for Kit Cloudkicker and Molly “Danger Woman” Cunningham, this is the first time we’ve seen anything regarding the storyline of the episode.

Kit and Molly were the young characters who adventured with Baloo in his iconic plane The Sea Duck. The description doesn’t match any that have been released for November. It is likely their episode will be in the later-later half of season 3.

The Sea Duck, Kit Cloudkicker, and Molly Cunningham designs from SDCC 2019. Photo by LaughingPlace.com

How do you watch DuckTales? Did you have any problems yesterday? And if you see that it is added to Prime before I update this blog please let me know!


      • OK. I haven’t watched much of the original series, but I’ll talk about Issue #1 Or Scrooge’s Quest Chapter Six. I like the part in chapter 6 (Ducktales: At The Mercy Of Magica De Spell!) where Scrooge tricks Magica and all of a sudden, when Magica throws out the dime, Scrooge hits it back on her head!


  1. But, I have watched Season 1, 2, 3 of the original Ducktales on Disney+. And, I like in Issue #1, where Armstrong breaks open The Money Bin! Is there a season 4 5 6 7 8 9 or 10? (The new ducktales soon is getting a 4th season!)


  2. Scrooge’s Quest, Chapter 6: Witch way did she go?

    Scrooge is going to the cave of Ali Blabber. When they arrive, Huey says, “If he were really wise,” Dewey says, “He’d put in an,” Louie’s turn, “elevator so people could get to his cave.” Scrooge has to locate Magica’s hideout, and Ali Blabber says to defeat her, you must remember X,Y, and Z, Uhhhhhh…. and the “Z” was Zea! Zea is a type of corn!


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