New Promo Image For “The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!”

The Disney XD Press website shared a new promo image for next week’s episode of “The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!” The episode premieres Monday, October 12th at 7 pm.

Scrooge and Goldie O’Gilt are turned into teenagers as they race Rockerduck to the Fountain of Youth, while the boys’ sibling rivalry uncovers danger at a spring break hotel.
*Nestor Carbonell (“Bates Motel”) guest stars as a hotel owner. Allison Janney (“Mom”) and John Hodgman (“Coraline”) return as Goldie O’Gilt and Rockerduck, respectively.


  1. Did anyone notice that in episode 1 of season 3 one of the lost treasures was the fountain of youth? so its another plot episode + there’s Rocker Duck there – thus F.O.W.L.

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  2. hi ducktalk wordpress so does teenage scrooge mcduck wear a bandana around his arm in the forbidden fountain of forverglade ducktales episode. Regards, Khang


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