New DuckTales (2017) Pin

New official DuckTales (2017) Merch! It has been a while since we have seen anything official released for this show that we all love. So please allow us to geek out over a pin as we usually say we don’t do pins.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of official Disney Pin Trading at Disney Parks. To celebrate this milestone, Disney will hold a virtual pin event in place of its usual annual big pin event. The virtual pin event will take place on November 13-14th. Although this year’s event will be virtual, you will still need to register for the event which includes a fee, but you will receive event gifts and a RSP (Random Selection Process) chance at purchasing event pins. Event registration opens on October 7th at 1pm Eastern Time. You can register for the event here.

Registration for the Celebrating Years of Disney Pins event will cost $49.99+ tax per Guest. Virtual panels will be held during this two day virtual event. You will also receive complimentary welcome and good bye event pins.

Celebrating Twenty Years of Disney Pin Trading Event:

Official Website


Merchandise Catalog

Pin Event Registration

As part of the virtual event in the Progression Series, there will be a DuckTales 2017 Limited Edition (750) pin retailing at $19.99.

This is the second DuckTales (2017) pin released as an open edition pin featuring Webby and the boys was released at the Disney Parks shortly after the series debuted.


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