DuckTalks Episode #112 – They Put A Moonlander On The Flintferris Glomwheel!

We are back and this time we are joined by Glomgold’s biggest fan, Kolbi! We hope you enjoy our breakdown of the October Disney XD DuckTales Promo and our review of “They Put A Moonlander On The Earth!”

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Disney XD DuckTales (2017) October Highlights Promo

DuckTales (2017) Halloween Theme Song Intro

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    • Uhm… they did. They created their own based on aspects of those original characters. And they are loved by many fans. No one is messing with comics Glomgold or OG DuckTales Glomgold because this isn’t a continuation of those projects. It is something new.

      And when was Flintheart ever not un-likable?


      • If you’re making something new don’t call it Ducktales, if I wanted to watch a series about annoying in likable characters I would, but when I turn on Ducktales I want Ducktales


      • Well, we are going to have to disagree. But aim curious Alan, why do you even frequent our blog? You know you aren’t going to like whatever they do. You say so. You know you won’t like what they do with TaleSpin. Why bother reading it. I hope you aren’t wasting your time watching the show. It obviously wasn’t made for you.

        What are you currently watching that you enjoy?

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      • But seriously, I’m not currently binging anything, but I did just get done with The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance, and I loved it. People think because I hate most revivals that I hate all of them but that’s simply not true, I just find that most of the time when companies bring something from my childhood back it tends to be exploitive and insulting. I read this blog because you update new releases for Fantagraphics books but if I see you say something that is just simply not true I leave a comment. I don’t want to sound mean or unfair to the new series, I gave it a chance, I really did, but I just don’t like it and I personally feel ripped off.

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      • I didn’t watch Dark Crystal. The original or the new me, but I’ve heard good things about it.

        I don’t know they we’ve said anything “simply not true.” It is always our goal to be factual in the report of our blogs. If you are talking about our opinions, then you’ve made a misstatement because our opinions are no more wrong than your opinions.

        I wish you found DuckTales 2017 as enjoyable as we do, but I understand that not everyone will enjoy it the way that we do.

        I am glad that you are enjoying Fantagraphics releases. They are great. We have really enjoyed learning about the rich comic history surrounding these characters. This site was created to keep up with our notes for the podcast. We very quickly started receiving feedback from other fans of DT17 and the OG that we would enjoy the comics. They were right, and we are enjoying these classic stories.

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