DuckTales Season 3 Returns Dates and Episode Titles Announced

Disney TV Animation has officially revealed the return of DuckTales Season 3 schedule with the dates and episode titles for the September and October slate of episodes.

9/21 The Phantom and the Sorceress! – The Phantom is referring to F.O.W.L. member The Phantom Blot. The Sorceress could be Magica, but we would love to see Lena in this episode. Morgana from Darkwing Duck was also had the sorceress title, but I bet they are saving her.

9/28 They Put a Moonlander on the Earth! – This will be a Penumbra and Webby episode as leaked by the iTunes DuckTales Volume 5 Season pass. This will also feature the Hero of Earth, Flintheart Glomgold.

10/5 The Trickening! (Halloween Episode) – Check out our blog on the Halloween episode speculation here.

10/12 The Forbidden Fountain of the Forverglades! – The Duck family travel to Florida to seek the Fountain of Youth which is one of the items from Isabella Finch’s book. Could we maybe see Goldie in this episode as she talked about the Fountain of Youth from a DuckTales season 1 episode?

10/19 Let’s Get Dangerous! (Hour Long Episode) – We are seriously flipping out about this episode. This episode will have Gosalyn and Taurus Bulba. From the characters, it sounds like this one will have a “Darkly Downs the Duck” feel. You can find that original Darkwing Duck pilot episode on Disney+.

Also on Disney+, you can checkout Taurus Bulba’s other Darkwing Duck appearance in Darkwing Duck Season 2 episode “Steerminator”.

10/26 Escape from the Impossibin! – We have no ideas about this episode, but seriously how many bins does Scrooge McDuck have?

Let us know about your thoughts on these episodes titles in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks


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