A Goofy Movie Disney Emoji Blitz Event Guide

Disney Emoji Blitz announced the game’s special events for August, and we know that one of those events will for sure Stand Out!

A Goofy Movie Clear Event 8/19-8/24

During this event, you will have a chance to unlock the three emojis above: Vacation Goofy, Max, and Powerline. This event is a clear event which means that you will get a point each time that you are able to clear the emoji pattern that appears on your emoji board. Points will unlock treasure chests until you have moved up to a level of treasure box which will eventually award you a diamond box. The diamond box will have one of the A Goofy Movie Emojis. You can also purchase a diamond box in game for 200 gems that you can pay for or earn in game.

The odds to get Powerline or Goofy in a diamond box are not great which is disappointing. Max (60%), Goofy (25%), Powerline (15%)

Goofy and Powerline are exclusive to diamond boxes. So if you do not get them during this event, you will have to wait until another event that they are featured for an opportunity to unlock them.

The problem with this event is that you will not be able to complete this event without a Level 2 Max or Goofy, or a Level 1 Powerline. So you would have to dish out really money to buy diamond boxes for a chance at completing this event.

That really makes this Bigfoot angry, and you wouldn’t like him when he is angry.

You can play as any emoji during this event, but playing as an A Goofy Movie emoji will get you double points for each round which will help you clear the levels faster.

Having an A Goofy Movie emoji is a requirement to to play level 3.

The requirements get even worse for levels 4 and 5. You will receive a diamond box for completing level 4 and level 5 which will each contain an A Goofy Movie emoji, but you will need to shell out some cash for a chance at that Powerline Emoji.

Overall a disappointing outcome for a much anticipated Disney Emoji Blitz event. I will not be able to review the event or show you all of the Goofy and Powerline emojis, but let’s check out the Max emojis and his special move.

This is a really great assortment of Max emojis. I really love the Max as Powerline emoji. Max in your text message sticker board is by all of the other Disney Afternoon emojis. There is a non A Goofy Movie Goofy emoji that is attainable from Silver boxes that you can pair up with this Max emoji if you do not attain the Goofy emoji from this event.

Max’s special power is really fun. The Max emoji dressed as Powerline impresses a Roxanne emoji in a recreation of the Stand Out song scene from A Goofy Movie. He starts out on stage which causes music notes to appear on emojis that will eventually be cleared. The Roxanne emoji throws hearts on emojis that will get you 3x the points when cleared. Disney Emoji Blitz gets an A+ on this emoji.

Update: After grinding for a second diamond box, I got another Max emoji that powered my Max emoji up to level 2 which in turn enabled me to play level 4 of the event. Upon completing level 4, I earned a diamond box that rewarded me the Vacation Goofy emoji.

Here’s a look at the Vacation Goofy’s emojis:

Good luck on your Disney Emoji Blitzing for this event. Let us know what A Goofy Movie Emojis that you unlock. Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks.

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