DuckTales Halloween Episode Promo Pics and References

It is not Christmas in July as we are still in the midst of a DuckTales season 3 hiatus. Since we have seen various clips from the DuckTales Season 3 Halloween episode in DuckTales Season 3 promos, I thought it might be fun to post the screen shots of the images from that episode. So here we go with Halloween in July or as Gravity Fans call it Sumerween!

This blog will combine screenshots from all of the DuckTales Season 3 promos that we have seen thus far. You can watch the latest promo which aired on Southeast Asia’s Disney Channel and brought to YouTube by Jirayus 49. Thanks for the heads up @Piet3rt.

It looks like one of the settings from that episode will be a mysterious haunted house.

Launchpad McQuack can be seen in an image below chasing someone with a buzz saw through a grave yard.

The haunted house from the previous image can be seen in the background. The hockey mask is a cool Mighty Ducks reference as well as Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby are dressed up in fun Halloween costumes.

Huey – Gizmoduck

Dewey – I want to say Tom Selleck or Kurt Russell with an eye patch

Louie – Huey

Webby – Cacodemon Creature from Doom

They could be trick or treating the haunted house or solving a mystery there since we do not see trick or treat bags. Maybe whatever scares them caused them to lose their trick or treat loot.

They are being chased by three characters that appear to reference Pennywise the Clown from IT, the creepy girl from the Ring (Samara Morgan), and Billy the puppet from the Saw franchise.

Donald Duck and Della Duck also find themselves in the haunted house where they encounter Dewey watching a fuzzy scrambled tv. His head spins around and his eye pops out.

This is a Poltergeist movie reference of Carol Anne in front of the tv.

Donald and Della are dressed in Halloween costumes of an angel and a devil.

This is a reference to the classic war time Donald Duck animated short “Donald’s Better Self”.

In this animated short from 1938, Donald Duck is on his way to purchase war bonds with a devil version and an angel version of himself trying to persuade his decision. This is a deep cut, and we love it!

We have no idea when this Halloween episode of DuckTales (2017) will air, but I would have to guess that it will be in October. That makes sense, right? This episode may have been originally scheduled for the previous October to kick off Season 3, and that is why images have appeared early on in the season 3 promos.

What do you think of the references that we have already dissected from the episode so far? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks. I would personally love to see some Haunted Mansion and Donald Duck “Trick-or-Treat” easter eggs scattered in this episode. Happy Summerween!


  1. I really wish they would’ve made Huey Dewey and Louie in their halloween costumes from the Donald Duck short trick or treat.thats one of my favorite Disney shorts of all time and I think they missed a great opportunity.the short is a classic Halloween special and I love it dearly.however we may have a reference to it in the credits or something like,that like we did in the Christmas special when they referenced the opening of Mickey mouses a Christmas carol in the credits of season 2 episode 6 “Last Christmas”. Also I would love to see an appearance from witch hazel from the classic Halloween short in it at some point in the Halloween special.


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