Pick Your DuckTales Team!

Which DuckTales characters would make your team if you were given ONLY $15? Share your picks with us!


  1. Wow, those $2 and $3 ones are bargains. GizmoDuck, Beakley, Darkwing Duck for skilled powerhouse heroes; Goldie is a near match for Scrooge, even besting him at times. Gladstone Gander for added pure luck that hopefully applies to the whole team. Storkules for the power of a demigod. That’s a ridiculously powerful (and mismatched) team!

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  2. Scrooge, Donald, gyro, and lastly darkwing duck. I chose Scrooge because he is smarter, shaper, and thupher. Donald because he cares about everyone and is strong. Gyro because we need the brains and a way so solve problems and cause he prolly can make toasters and I need my poptarts tosted. And darkwing because nomad ear what he gets back up and fights for what’s ringht and cause he is cool.

    Ducktales is my favorite show I watch the old and the new I can’t waging for the next episodes thanks for helping me have something to look forward to keep posting ya da best 👍🏻

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