Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts Hercules Action Figure Review

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is a favorite among Disney and Final Fantasy fans. Diamond Select Toys has been the king of toys and collectibles from this franchise.

Diamond Select Toys has Kingdom Hearts Action Figures, Vinimates, Minimates, PVC Dioramas, and half scale busts.

We have showcased their great line of Kingdom Hearts action figures and their Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story Vinimates on our blog. Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have sent us some more great products from the Kingdom Hearts product line to check out.

Today we will be looking at the newly released Kingdom Hearts III Select Series 2 action figure pack Hercules. Hercules also comes with a Shadow Heartless and two Soldier Heartless.


The back of the package shows the rest of the figures that make up Diamond Select Toys’ Kingdom Hearts III Series 2 action figures.


The Hercules figure is definitely my favorite from series 2. Not only is it a great representation of Hercules from the Kingdom Hearts game, but this is the most impressive Hercules action figure that has been produced from the movie as well. This ultimate Hercules figure has 16 points of articulation: Head, Shoulders (2), Arms (2) Elbows (2), Hands (2), Waist, Legs (2), Knees (2), Feet (2).

I love that with the Kingdom Hearts III action figures Diamond Select Toys delivered fans more classic Disney characters. Maleficent was paired with a Sora figure in series 1.


Hercules comes with his sword.


Originally, Hercules was planned to be packaged with a Pearl Dusk Heartless figure.

The Heartless that are packaged with Hercules now include a Shadow Heartless and two Soldier Heartless.

These three Heartless are no match for Hercules as he could most likely take all three out with one swing of his sword.

Where to Buy?

The Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts III Series 2: Hercules action figure retails for $29.99.

The figures can be purchased online or at your local comic book shop:

Comic Store Locator


Diamond Select Toys

Final Thoughts

This Hercules figure is the definitive Hercules figure period. The additional Heartless bad guys are nice additions to add to your Heartless army. If you have been collecting the different releases from Diamond Select Toys then you probably already have the variations of Heartless that are included, but it is always nice to have extras. I really hope that Diamond Select Toys continues to add more classic Disney characters like Maleficent and Hercules in future waves. I would love to see other Disney Villains from the game such as Hades, Jafar, Scar, Queen of Hearts, Ursula and Captain Hook.

We will take a closer look at the other fantastic Kingdom Hearts III Series 2 figure packs from Diamond Select Toys this week.

Let us know what you think about this set in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @CollectDST for all of the latest toys and collectibles news.

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