DuckTales Villains Most Wanted Every Saturday In March!

We’ve all been anxiously waiting for any news on when DuckTales Season 3 might premiere. We have not been given a date, but we may have received a tip that an announcement may be soon.

According to Twitter user @VioletGanache42 a promo aired during the Amphibian Leap Day Marathon. The promo indicates that on Saturdays in March Disney XD will be airing episodes of DuckTales centered on Magica, Ma Beagle, Glomgold, and Lunaris. Check out the video embedded below.

A DuckTales event on Disney XD is exciting, but it might have been DuckTales Co-Producer Frank Angones’s reaction that might have been the most exciting.

Could it be!? Is it possible that the March “Most Wanted!” event could be leading to new episodes of DuckTales in April or May!? We do not know for sure, but it seems that new episodes may not be too many months away.

Will you be watching DuckTales’ latest event on Disney XD? Which Villain are you most looking forward to? Do you think we get Season 3’s premier in April or May?

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