DuckTalks Episode #093 – Can’t Stop The Hiatus!

The DuckTales 2017 hiatus may be dragging on into March, but Pirate Steven and Mitch are here to talk about plenty of things for DuckFans to be excited about! We start with Feedback from some new listeners and a voicemail from @205SuperNova where she asks about our hopes for Season 3 of DuckTales. In the news this week we have Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, No new DuckTales’ episodes in March, DuckTales shirts on, Darkwing Duck Funko Pop! Pez Dispensers, and Disney Channel Fanfest on both coasts in May!

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Confirmed! No New DuckTales In March!

Over 100 Officially Licensed DuckTales 2017 Shirts Are Currently Listed On!

Darkwing Duck Funko POP! Pez Dispensers Coming Soon



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