Does Elizabeth Warren Recognize The Richest Duck In The World?!

We shy away from discussing politics on DuckTalks (I mean, not everything has to be political… really, we mean it), but sometimes DuckTales shows up in the strangest places.

Like this clip from Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In this video Colbert invited Democrat, Presidential nominee hopeful Elizabeth Warren to a fun game. He asked her if she could recognize some of America’s most famous billionaires from his descriptions.

After successfully identifying the ones presented to her, Colbert slipped in our favorite billionaire, Scrooge McDuck. Check out the clip below.

“He doesn’t wear any pants!” is one of the funniest moments of the clip.

The image used in the segment for that audience was in fact DuckTales 2017 Scrooge McDuck on his golden flip phone.

Shout out to our long time buddy @masterimmortal on Twitter for shooting this to us this morning.

You can get to know Scrooge McDuck on DuckTales anytime on Disney+ and the DisneyNow app. Season 3 is said to premiere sometime this year (but we have no idea when…).

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