DuckTales May Be Returning In April!

You know we’ve been speculating, but we’ve been guessing that DuckTales would return sometime in May or late April. Over the past few days there have been a few possible confirmations of this.

Image from DuckTales Italia

A couple of days ago we found out that DuckTales would have an event on Disney XD every weekend in March called “Most Wanted.” Then Frank Angones, Co-Producer of DuckTales, indicates that the timing of this event could mean something… by telling us slyly that it did not.

Now, DuckTales’ Italian Facebook page has confirmed for their followers that Season 3 should return in The US in April.

In case it is taken down, it reads;

Ducks, report!

The third season of DuckTales is expected to arrive in the United States starting in April, but waiting confirmations we remind you that at the Italian launch of Disney+ you will find the whole classic series, the movie Uncle Scrooge at the Lost Lamp Research and the first two seasons of the reboot!

DuckTales Itiala’s Facebook Page

Twitter user @EndaMcnabola sent us this tweet from @Loveducktales.

@Loveducks also states that they received confirmation the show would return on the Disney Channel. Many of us were becoming worried that DuckTales May move back to Disney XD after fans noticed the show had moved from Disney Channel to Disney XD on DisneyNOW.

DuckTales Listed As A Disney XD Show On DisneyNOW

We do not have this confirmation yet, but we hope it is true. We’ve enjoyed new episodes of DuckTales on the Disney Channel and then episodes re-airing almost daily on Disney XD.

We will let you know more when we see anything. Thank you to all the DuckFans who help us stay in the loop and pass the info for other fans.


  1. I really hope this is true that season 3 will premier in April, I’d prefer sooner but I’ll take what I can get. Almost finished with my second full watch of seasons 1 and 2 and could really do with some new episodes. Need to see more of Della, my new favorite DuckTales character, oh and some Della merch would be great too.

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