DuckTales 2017 Season 1 and Most of Season 2 Gone From DisneyNow!

DuckTales fans with a cable subscription have enjoyed watching many of the show’s episodes on the DisneyNow app over the past two years. Periodically episodes have disappeared from the app for a period of time and then show back up.

So it was not a huge surprise when most of the show’s episodes disappeared this past week. We had seen reports earlier that other shows had been pulled in preparation for Disney+’s release on Nov 12th.

We’ve been ready for Disney+ ever since Disney first announced the platform, but the disappearance of all of this Duck content has us a little bummed.

Currently you can watch the season 2 episodes “The Most Dangerous Game… Night!”, “The Depths of Cousin Fethry”, and “The Ballad of Duke Baloney!”

For those of us behind on a DuckTales podcast that reviews episodes of the show this is bad news, but hopefully this means season two of DuckTales may show up on Disney+ sooner.

I guess it’s time to purchase a few episodes from iTunes. Don’t forget you can support DuckTalks by using our links to buy your DuckMerch from!

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