IDW’s DuckTales: Silence & Science #3 Review and Preview!

It is great that even though DuckTales is currently on hiatus we can enjoy stories about our favorite ducks in IDW’s comics. On Wednesday of this week DuckTales: Silence & Science #3 will be released on comic book stands.

If you haven’t been reading this mini-series, we can see how you might consider skipping the final issue, but that would be a mistake.

First off, it’s a fun story where the triplets and Launchpad attempt to attend a science fiction and comic book convention. They run into trouble trying to get to the convention, and they must find a way to work together if they are going to bask in the glory of all the science fiction merchandise and comic books.

Secondly, “Silence & Science” is not a true mini-series in the sense that the stories are not even loosely connected to one another. We could consider this issue #23 of the regular series. If you missed out on the first two issues of this series it would have no impact on your enjoyment of “Where No Duck Has Gone Before, Sort Of!”

Silence and Science #3 offers the art we’ve come to expect from the talented artists who have been working on DuckTales. The characters are distinctively “on model” and the backgrounds are detailed. We find it fun to look over the pages at the background characters and settings. This issue specifically has some fun backgrounds. I would buy these books for the art alone, but we also enjoy the stories.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed Steve Behling’s stories in Silence and Science. Before this mini began the writing for IDW’s DuckTales was alternating between him and Joe Caramagna. It is a book my kids and I can both enjoy. I would like to see more character development from this comic, but I assume the show prevents that from happening. Most of the growth that we have seen seems to mirror what we’ve seen in the show, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on this comics or trade paperbacks. We’ve also had great stories of Donald, Della, and Scrooge adventuring before the Spear of Selene and an adventure where Glomgold made a serious play against Scrooge.

You can grab a copy of Silence and Science at your local comic book store or you can purchase it digitally from IDW or ComiXology. If you want physical copies be sure to let your local shop know that you want the next DuckTales mini-series titled “Faires and Scares” starting on December 25th.

Check out IDW’s preview for the book below along with the various covers available.

DuckTales: Silence and Science #3 Preview!

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