New Disney+ Quiz Show Casting

November is all about Disney+. Disney fans have been patiently waiting for the one streaming service to rule them all to launch, and they do not have to wait much longer because that dream becomes a reality on November 12th.

We were recently made aware of a new Disney+ show that is currently casting. This new show will allow Disney families of four (ages 8+) to go up against others families to duel it out to see which family has the most Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars knowledge.

Families can be made up of any blood or marriage-related combination (so think – aunts, cousins, grandparents, children, siblings, etc.) So grab your Disney and Star Wars-crazy kin and get ready to win! Prize details TBD.

The show is currently in its first week of casting. We would love to cheer on someone from the DuckTales community on the show.

The casting search is nationwide and you can apply at the following link:


Good luck and defintely let us know if you make it on the show!


  1. So I was on Disney Now earlier and all but three Ducktales episodes have been removed I don’t know why do yall have any Idea why this could be?


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