Disney+ Exclusive D23 Members Discount Available to General Members

If you were there in person at the D23 Expo Disney+ Panel or you followed along at home, you know that Disney+ will be bringing some fantastic must see content from all the Disney brands.

D23 Expo attendees were eligible to signup for an exclusive offer to save $23 per year on a 3-year Disney+ subscription which is 33% off the standard annual price.

Non D23 Expo attendees were itching to throw money at their phones and electronic devices. We all wanted to join in and sign up for Disney+ immediately.

The offer that was available to D23 Expo attendees was made available to D23 members to sign up for the discounted offer at home.

D23 has a Gold Membership ($99.99/year), D23 Gold Family Membership ($129.99), and a D23 General Member (FREE).

Here is the sweet part! The exclusive D23 Disney+ discount is available to ALL D23 members…including the D23 General Membership (FREE).

You can go to the following website to sign up for a Free D23 general Membership.

D23 General Membership

You can then either wait to receive the promo email or login to your D23 account and go to the Account Information page.

This offer is valid until September 2nd.

*Offer only valid to US residents.

Enjoy and definitely let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks if you took advantage of this sweet deal.

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