DuckTales Available Without Subscription On Disney Now App!

Yeah, you read that right! We hear from many DuckFans who aren’t able to watch the show from time to time because they do not have the Disney Channel. This is your time!

For an unspecified period of time the first 16 episodes of DuckTales season two can be viewed on the Disney Now app without a subscription. I am pretty sure that this is only for US viewers, but if you are international and have access please let us know.

In addition to Season Two being unlocked for non-subscribers, Season One has been added back for subscribers to enjoy. So you can watch every episode of DuckTales that has aired on the Disney Now app at the moment! Enjoy!


  1. In my high school english class everyone was saying their favorite Lin Manuel Miranda project “(Normal person) hamilton, (Another normal person) moana, (me) gIzMoDuck!!”

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    • Ha! I absolutely love the Hamilton album. I read Chernow’s George Washington biography, and I was considering his Hamilton when Spotify recommended the album. I gave it a listen and loved it.

      Anyway, put me down for Gizmoduck as well.


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