Launchpad McQuack Costume for Kids by Disguise Inc. Review

Last year, Disguise Inc. released Scrooge McDuck and Gizmoduck costumes for kids. This year, Launchpad McQuack crashes into the costume lineup.

Launchpad McQuack is definitely in our top three favorite characters in Duckburg so we think he is a great choice for a Halloween costume (or everyday casual house wear) this year. This costume is available in kids sizes XS, S, and M. I can hear the pain in adult’s voices as they read this, but fear not adults have an option. We will get to that option later in the blog.

Here is the stock photo of the costume.

Product includes:

Jumpsuit, hat and mask.


Boys XS (3T-4T)
Boys S (4-6)
Boys M (7-8)

My son is eight years old, and we found that the costume ran true to size since he wears 7/8 clothes.

Here is a look at the packaging:

My son, Cody (age 8), tells me…”I’m a pilot!”

This costume is perfect for any kid wanting to team up with Darkwing Duck or for simply hanging out with your best friend Dewey!

Here at DuckTalks we answer all of the important questions like: “Will the Launchpad McQuack mask for this kids costume fit adults?” The answer is YES! You could easily use the mask that comes with this costume paired up with a green shirt, pilot jacket, and khaki pants to have an Launchpad McQuack costume option for adults. Here is a pic of me in the Launchpad McQuack mask and hat. I freaking LOVE this mask!

Here is casual Launchpad wearing a DuckTalks podcast t-shirt…Woo-oo!

Here are all of the Disguise Inc. DuckTales masks together. Lin Manuel Miranda (voice actor of Gizmoduck) wore the Gizmoduck mask when he went on stage at the DuckTales panel at SDCC 2019.

The Launchpad McQuack costume can currently be ordered on Target’s website.

Launchpad McQuack Costume (Target)

The Scrooge McDuck and Gizmoduck costumes are also still available for this Halloween season. You can catch our reviews of those costumes at the links below:

Scrooge McDuck Costume Review

Gizmoduck Costume Review

Hopefully Disguise Inc. continues to add additional DuckTales costumes to the lineup next year…Darkwing Duck, Glomgold, Lena, and Webby just to suggest a few.

A big THANK YOU to our friends at Disguise Inc. for sending us this Launchpad McQuack costume to showcase to our blog readers.

We hope to see a lot of pictures of people dressed in DuckTales costumes this year. Please share your DuckTales Halloween costume pics with us on Twitter @DuckTalks for an instant retweet.

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