Infinirama’s Disney Magic Kingdoms Update Day 50!

I know, I know, many of you have been on the edge of your seats waiting for an update on how things are going in my quest to earn all of the DuckTales content in Disney Magic Kingdoms. So I thought I would share a quick update.

Today marks my 50th consecutive day playing the mobile game. I started a few days before the DuckTales content dropped because I knew I needed Donald Duck and his houseboat to open the DuckTales content.

I have Donald, his boathouse, the DuckTales parade float, Huey, and Dewey. That’s right… not much has changed. That’s not entirely true. Everyone has leveled up a time or two (I think) and I am incredibly close to earning Louie. Let’s break it down.

My Donald Duck is currently Level 6. Donald was difficult to earn and I feel like his progression has been slow too. He does earn Number One Dimes so that makes him helpful in earning the nephews.

Good ok’ trustworthy Huey was the first nephew to unlock. He has almost caught his uncle D in progress at Level 5.

Dewey being the middle triplet, was the second to be unlocked. I currently have him at Level 4, but I’m a little disappointed that I did that. Had I not used the Dimes to upgrade Dewey this week I would have already unlocked Louie… but I should see the green one in my collection soon enough!

The final nephew, Louie Duck, is soooooo close to being mine! I currently have Huey and Dewey producing Dimes every hour and Donald every two hours. I hope to send a celebratory tweet once I have Louie unlocked.

Now for Scrooge… it’s been a long, drawn-out, up-hill climb to earn 600 gems to purchase Scrooge. As you can see, I’m finally past the half way point! Once Scrooge is added the only item left will be his Money Bin. The Bin however is not available for purchase. I’ll definitely provide an update when it does.

That’s it, there’s my progress in Disney Magic Kingdoms. I have to say I do enjoy playing the game, but it’s killing my iPhone 7 Plus’s battery and taking up way too much of my time. Once I have the ducks I will back off playing a little while (unless the Money Bin becomes available first). I’m pretty sure the game has impacted my sanity and the number of blogs I’ve put out in the past 50 days… Play at your own risk! (But it’s fun!)


    • Hmmm it could. They really push micro-transactions. I’m not sure how Switch feels about that. When I say really push, I mean I get reminders that I can spend real money on their digital content ALL THE TIME. Haha.

      And honestly, I’m still considering saving my gems and buying that $9.99 Scrooge bundle…

      My family and I are considering a Switch this Christmas. Waiting to see how the tests go on the new release.


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