Donald’s Dino-Bash Plush Finally Arrive

They did it! They finally did it!

Walt Disney World has finally released official plush for Donald’s Dino-Bash in Animal Kingdom.

I have been campaigning to every Disney Cast Member I can for over a year saying that these meet and greet designs are made to be plush, and now they’ve finally done it. (I’m a bit excited here, like honestly-thought-about-hoping-on-a-plane-to-get-these-yesterday-when-they-showed-up-in-the park excited.)

Alright, so we’ve gotten the important part out of the way, and I realize some of you may be asking “What is Donald’s Dino-Bash?” so let’s talk about that for a second and get you up to speed.

In the Summer of 2018, Disney Parks announced a new experience in Animal Kingdom called Donald’s Dino-Bash, and – like every good Disney event – there’s an awesome backstory to go with it.

Donald has just realized that he’s descended from dinosaurs, so he’s taken over DinoLand U.S.A. for a celebration as only the #1 duck could make.

Donald did not appreciate my Rescue Rangers t-shirt with Chip ‘n Dale featured.

Of course, he needs some financial backing, so Uncle Scrooge was there to lend a few dollars and brought Launchpad along as his own personal transportation.

Daisy of course was on hand to design special outfits for the gang, including special pajama’s for Chip ‘n Dale (but don’t tell Donald she helped).

Even Goofy tagged along for the celebration.


What made this experience extra special was that it meant a regular chance to meet Scrooge and Launchpad in the parks, and – being the Disney Duck fans that we are – we were so excited to see this happen, even if it was just for one summer.

In fact, we weren’t the only ones who loved it. It was so well received that they made it a permanent addition to the land.

In the past year, we’ve seen Disney Parks use DinoLand U.S.A. as a place for DuckTales merchandise inside the parks, but I think this is the first official merchandise themed to that experience, which means that it’s still proving to be pretty popular with guests.

Whenever I’ve been there, Donald, Scrooge and Launchpad have typically had decent-sized lines, so hopefully Donald’s Dino-Bash is going to stick around for a while and more Disney Duck fans will have a chance to meet these awesome characters.

While you’re there, don’t forget to head over to Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures and Dino-Rama Cart to pick up these awesome plush. They aren’t marked as limited edition, so they may go in and out of stock, but should be available for a while.

I know that it will be one of my first stops the next time I’m at Walt Disney World, unless they show up on shopDisney before then (and we’ll let you know if they do).

Plus, share your photos from these meet and greet with us over on Twitter at @ducktalks.


  1. Do you guys know if it’s possible to order directly from the Japan Disney store site to the US?

    Also, when are you guys going to talk about those prototype figures of Scrooge and Glomgold showing up on Ebay?


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