IDW’s DuckTales #19 Preview and Review!

There was a lot of hype for DuckTales #19 because of the amazing cover art features everyone’s favorite DuckTales character, Flintheart Glomgold. Flinty is dressed up dashingly in Scrooge McDuck attire.


I am sure that most DuckTales fans had a Wait…What? moment when they saw the cover of DuckTales #19.

The B Variant cover features a few more characters from the story.

The Retailer Incentive Cover (1:10) features a Louie Duck portrait that forms a larger image when the retailer incentive covers from #17-20 are put together.


There is one story in this comic titled Flintheart…McDuck?!? The story is written by Steve Behling.

*slight spoilers* Flinty detains Scrooge for a few hours while he cleverly disguises himself as Scrooge so that he can accept an award from Megabucks Magazine. Even though the disguise looks spot on to me, everyone knows it is Flintheart except for Launchpad. They decide to play along as Flinty has to endure what a day of living in Scrooge’s shoes feels like…Launchpad’s driving, monsters and mysteries, sand traps, and beagle boys.

Check out the preview: DuckTales #19 Preview!

Who wore it better? Scrooge McDuck or Flintheart Glomgold

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