What “A Goofy Movie” Being a “Disney Movie Club” Exclusive Really Means

We’ve waited almost two decades for it, and Disney’s A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie are finally about to get the Blu-ray release it deserves, but there’s one catch: they’re coming exclusive to Disney Movie Club (DMC).

What does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look and see if we can better unpack how this will work.

What is Disney Movie Club?

Back in the 90’s, subscription services were all around. Without the internet, it was an easy way to get a series of things you love. Popular companies like Columbia House made  monthly deliveries of CDs and VHS tapes easy, but while most other services like this have been lost to the Information Age, Disney has been able to keep theirs alive.

The way it works isn’t really that complicated at first glance. When you sign up, you’re given a set number of movies at a low cost (ex: 4 movies for $1) and agree to purchase so many (usually three) additional movies at full price over the next 24 months.

That doesn’t sound like a bad deal, right? You can get seven Disney movies for the cost of three, plus a dollar? What’s wrong with that.

It really all comes down to the numbers. DMC prices are typically the full retail price you’ll see in stores. A Blu-ray/DVD set will cost roughly $25, whereas a 4K Blu-ray set can cost you as much as $35, and these are the prices you have to pay to meet your commitment.

To make DMC more enticing, Disney has often released “Disney Movie Club Exclusive” releases. Sometimes it’s a TV Series and sometimes it’s a special edition of a Disney Classic. These are only available to DMC Members, or via third-party sellers on eBay.

Until recently, a lot of DMC Exclusives have made their way to normal retailers like Amazon and Target. DMC Exclusives also used to come with a digital copy. However, more recently, Disney has been releasing DMC Exclusives without digital copies that seem to be staying only to DMC members.

Enough Already! What about Goofy?

Let’s start with the bad news. A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie will only be available to DMC members. Now, anyone can join, so – if you really want them – you can join DMC and really add to your Disney Blu-ray collection. I should note that new releases aren’t eligible as your “introductory movies” (those ones you got in the 4 for $1 deal), so you’ll have to pay full price for them.

That’s not too bad, though, right? You buy both Goofy movies as part of the three you agreed to buy at full price.

That’s one way to do it, but – don’t forget – you’re only going to get the Blu-ray disk. You’re not going to get a digital copy, like you would with most other movies. This is bad news for those of us who want to own everything digitally, right?

That’s where the good news comes in.

A New Trend for DMC Exclusives

If you love buying your movies digitally, then you probably know that A Goofy Movie has been available digitally for a while – but only in SD. Without the DMC Exclusive edition coming with a digital copy may lead you to think this won’t change, but I think there’s a lot of signs that it will.

Remember how I said DMC exclusives have changed over the past couple years? These exclusives don’t come with digital copies and no longer come to other retailers, right?

That’s true. They don’t. A few years ago, DMC would get an exclusive release of Alice in Wonderland, but then a general release came a few months later, but both of these versions also came with digital copies.

More recently, though, while DMC exclusives may not come with a digital copy or eventually come to other retailers, Disney has been releasing these movies digitally on their own. There are a few examples of this: Pooh’s Grand Adventure, Piglet’s Big Movie and The Little Mermaid II. Each of these got exclusive Blu-ray releases for DMC members but also became available on digital platforms at the same time.

You Haven’t Used the Word “Goofy” for a While, Again

I know that’s a lot to take in, but I think we have every reason to believe that we’ll see an HD digital release for A Goofy Movie when the DMC exclusive Blu-ray drops. This way, if you’re not a DMC Member or don’t want to join, you still have an option to own this Disney classic.

If you really want to own a physical copy, then you can join DMC or look for third-party sellers on eBay.

An Extremely Goofy Movie is already available in HD digitally if you can’t wait, as well.

So that leaves us with only one last question: will A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie be available on Disney+? We should know soon enough.

Don’t forget to let us know why you love these Goofy classics and whether or not you’ll be picking them up in HD in the comments below.

If you are joining Disney Movie Club just for the two Goofy movies:

It is also worth noting that Disney Movie Club also has an exclusive Saludos Amigos/ The Three Caballeros Two-Movie Pack Blu-Ray set and DuckTales Vol. 4.


    • I actually don’t know. DMC Exclusives are usually pretty simple and don’t usually come with a lot of special features. They didn’t detail them at all on the back of the case, and I haven’t gotten a copy yet.

      Basically, I wouldn’t bank on there being anything more than what was on the DVD. There could be even less.


      • Thanks! From another post I just found, it looks like the blu ray might not even include the features that were on the DVD copy. That’s disappointing. I’ve been considering signing up for the DMC but I like extras on my disks, so good to know not to expect much from the DMC Exclusives.


  1. Ya. They’re usually pretty bare bones. If you didn’t want to join DMC, there are always people selling exclusives on eBay. I’ve gotten some that way.


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