New Banner For DuckTales on Social Media!

It’s that time of year again. When the DuckTales social media accounts upgrade their background and profile picture for the new year!

I know, it’s not the most exciting news, but the image is so rad we had to share it.

We love the new look. The fade between the colors in the profile pic and banner is nice. The placement and happenings of the characters tell you what to expect from the characters with a glance.

Louie is trying to protect his treasure while Huey has a laugh. Webby and Dewey are posing for a free fall selfie while Scrooge is diving with some goal in mind. Launchpad appears to be standing in the back of the plane and not flying while Donald free falls while losing his toilet paper and toothpaste!

The show is on another mini hiatus until May.

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