Disneyland After Dark: 90s Nite!


Last Thursday, March 7th, Disneyland in California hosted an after hours party called “Disneyland After Dark: 90s Nite.” Disneyland’s After Dark events are separately ticket events that take place after regular park hours. These events include special character meet and greets, food, and merchandise.

We know a lot of our readers were excited by the announcement of the event, and if you were as excited as we were you may have spent your Tuesday evening watching the hashtag #90sNite. Although we were unable to attend the event we have been able to speak with some attendees online and they had mostly great things to say about Disneyland After Dark: 90s Nite.

We are very appreciative of each and every person who sent us photos and provided a quote on their experience at the event. You all rock, and it’s your fandom that inspires us to cover news related to DuckTales and the Disney Afternoon. A huge shout out to our new friends at DAPS MAGIC, RebellingStagnation, Sally Jacka, and Aaron for sharing photos, videos and their experiences!

Early in the night we started seeing reports that attendees were receiving a totally awesome item for attending. What would a 90s themed event be without every participant wearing their very own fanny pack?



Attendees were also given specialty themed maps that detailed the food, events, and character meet ups. These designs are awesome and scream 90s!



We found a great video of the fireworks display and music at WDW News Today. The show has been described as mediocre for a Disneyland fireworks show, but everyone had commented on how awesome the music was. The soundtrack included the theme songs of many of our favorite Disney Afternoon shows AND hits from the Disney theatrical movie A Goofy Movie.



Our new friends over at DAPS MAGIC also shared a video on YouTube that chronicles their night. Check it out, and give them a follow for more great Disney Parks content. They also shared some great pics from the evening.



DAPS MAGIC provided us with a bunch of great images from the event. Here is a look at the poster that was given to attendees. The back side had a stamp collection map. Attendees could visit stations all over the area to receive a special stamp.



Meeting all of the 90s themed characters at this event would have been a crazy feat for the DAPS MAGIC crew, but we are truly impressed that they were able to get pictures of every Disney Afternoon character.



The event included special 90s themed photo opportunities. These look really fun and we are sure they were busy all night.



The majority of people we spoke with about the event were very impressed by the 90s music Disneyland was playing throughout the evening. Not only was there a DJ playing the most recognizable 90s hits, but even the fireworks display included your favorite 90s themes.



Twitter user @RebelStagnation appeared to be having a good time while posting about her experience on Twitter. We know she is a big fan of Darkwing Duck, and we think her cosplay was well received by the Masked Mallard.


The weather was not always favorable for the event, but attendees like @RebelStagnation remained positive while having a lot of fun.



Aaron (aka @WestersaurusNXT) is a huge fan of the 90s, so it was no surprise to us when we saw that he was attending this event. Darkwing seemed impressed by Aaron’s tattoo.



Aaron also shared some of his thoughts and an additional pic from the event!


The line for DW was two hours and they swapped him for Don Karnage ocassionally, angering fans to the point they brought him into the crowd for selfies because everyone wanted DW! The fireworks were fun! A bit basic but the music was full of nostalgia! Would LOVE for them to do this again! It was the only time I could hear *NSYNC over Main Street USA!

– @WestersaurusNXT




Twitter user @SCJacka had a great time and shared this review of the evening.


Overall 90’s nite at Disneyland was a ton of fun. There were some operational issues but for the most part it seemed like they put a lot more effort into this than other Disney events. Clearly whoever was in charge of executing the event was a fan. The fanny packs were a great (and useful) gift, and the little things like giving out Afternoon Avenue maps (on pretty good card stock, honestly) or the Indiana Jones decoder cards pushed it over the top. Meet and Greet lines were insane which is a good and bad thing because it proves people want to see these characters, but it also means there was almost no way to see everyone. We decided our one nutso line wait would be for Max since he was in his Powerline costume and it was literally the first time he’d been seen outside of Disneyland Paris dressed as Powerline. We waited over two hours and though we were exhausted cast members and guests alike were in spectacularly good moods. One of the highlights of the evening was the Disney Afternoon themed fireworks which, while short, were a very nice touch and very fun. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a Disneyland crowd so into a fireworks show that wasn’t holiday related. Like I said, despite being exhausted and freezing our tails off by the end we had a ton of fun. The crowds were busy but not crushingly bad and there was a really fun energy the whole night.



We are super jelly of everyone that had the opportunity to attend Disneland After Dark: 90s Nite. It looked like a great time of celebrating everything that we love about Disney in the 90s. Hopefully, this event makes it over to Walt Disney World. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to our blog.


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