A Goofy Movie Is Coming To Blu-ray!

We have said “A Goofy Movie” is an extremely underrated movie long before we began dreaming up DuckTalks. Maybe it had to do with our fondness of Goof Troop, but “A Goofy Movie” has long been in our top listings of Disney movies.

This past weekend news reached the internet that the movie and it’s much beloved sequel are receiving an upgrade to HD! That’s the good news… there is bad news.

This release (at least initially) will be an exclusive for the Disney Movie Club. The Disney Movie Club is Disney’s movie subscription service. You know, where you buy five movies for a penny (not really, it’s a dollar now) and then have to buy five more over two years to meet your member commitment. There has not been an announcement on when the title will be released that I have seen.

The DMC has recently been successful at making us wish we were members. Back in September they added every Disney Afternoon fan’s most coveted DVD release, the final volume of DuckTales. We’ve yet to get our hands on a copy, and this latest release may be the deciding factor for me on signing up.

Hopefully, this exclusive release doesn’t remain exclusive for too long. It would be nice to find these titles among other Disney movies on the shelves at our local retailers. Then again, Bob Iger was recently quoted saying the entire Disney movie library would be available on the Disney+ streaming service. Who knows how the streaming service will impact home releases of movies old and new.

How about you? Do you plan on joining the DMC? Are you a member already? Do you enjoy the service? Care to send me a referral?


  1. I joined the DMC back in 2014 when they announced that A Goofy Movie 1 and 2 were being released in a blu-Ray box set exclusively to the DMC. It still hasn’t happened. I’ll believe this when I actually SEE it.


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