DuckTales Returns in May

Hello Hiatus my young friend….ok let’s not be so dramatic. Thanks to a new promo for DuckTales that aired after the March 9th episode, we know that we have less than two months before the next new action packed episode of DuckTales airs in May. Last summer we had a new episode each week. We predict the same for season 2.

Shoutout to Jason for the great quality clip!

We are only 7 episodes into DuckTales Season 2 so we have 18 glorious episodes left in Season 2. The main ongoing stories with mysteries that we need to uncover being: how are we going to get Della back? and the contest for who will be the richest duck in Duckburg, Scrooge or Flinty. Our guess is that we will continue to have Della episodes sprinkled in with the remaining episodes, and the season 2 finale could be the big family reunion rescue in space.

Reminder from SDCC, We still have the following to look forward to:

Gladyear Blimp

Lena, Webby, Webby’s New Friend


Klondike/Western Scrooge, Goldie, Fenton, Gyro

Wooden Gizmoduck Suit

John Rocker Duck

Beakley dressed as Darkwing Duck

Bubba Duck

We have some great podcasts with special guests planned for April to keep everyone entertained while we patiently wait for new episodes in May.

What has been your favorite episode so far in DuckTales Season 2? What are your thoughts and theories from this last episode. Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. You can also email us

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