DuckTales Plush SOLD OUT at!

I opened my email this morning to find a nice sale on Disney Store Plush. The current sale is Buy One Get One for $3.99 on Not as great as the recent mark downs on the DuckTales Plush, but a good price for anyone who needs a couple of ducks but missed the sale. BUT…

The only problem, it appears is SOLD OUT of DuckTales Plush. Now, we don’t know if this is a temporary stocking issue, but they were on clearance $3.99-$5.99 recently (Poor Huey, why don’t ya’ll love him?). So it is possible we have seen the last of these.

We’ve seen a Disney Store Donald Plush on Instagram with the show’s design. We still have hope that a new wave of plush will be released soon, and Maybe ShopDisney will replenish its stock when the anticipated next wave are released. Keep in mind this is based on a few pictures posted by a collector. We haven’t seen the Donald Duck Plush anywhere else.

We hope all of our followers grabbed the Plush they wanted on the previous sales we’ve shared. If not, maybe you can still find them in a Disney Store (Update* @EricRovtar called his store and found out the Sale is scheduled in the store for next week. In my experience a nice Cast Member may help you out though) and in the Disney Parks. Oh, and there is always eBay.

If you are looking at some other plush (Awesome Koda, Muppet Babies, and classic Minnie on there!) this is a decent price in two of the medium or large plush. You can take advantage of the sale by following this link:

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