Are More DuckTales Disney Store Plush On The Way?!

The thing about products coming to the Disney Store is that they typically show up without warning. Just *poof!* and they are available to purchase. It’s rare that we get a heads up on a product that hasn’t made it into stores yet…

We received an email from one of our long-time followers who loves Disney Store Plus. This week she sent us an email asking if we had seen anything about new Plush at the Disney Store, and in her email she included something she found on a website called Admittedly, I am unaware of but it appears to be a collectors site that allows users to post their collections and to even sell them.

One user on has listed a Plush labeled “Ducktales – Donald Duck Fan Appreciation Plush.”

Looking over the users profile on Snupps they appear to be a collector of Disney Store Plush, collectibles and Tsum Tsums. Based on this information, the plush’s eyes, hands, and the “hair” tuft (that reminds me of the Disney Store Donald) I’m pretty sure this will be from the Disney Store.

No idea when this will be available or if it already is in some locations. We will be following the news. Let us know if you see one (or more importantly buy one)! You can let us know here or on Twitter @DuckTalks


      • That was the one at Target, right? Those were neat, but for the money I liked the Disney Store ones better. They are bigger, made better, and don’t have the voice box so they can be washed (I have kids, and kids get everything dirty) 🙂 I swear I saw a picture of a scrooge at the same time I first saw the nephews and Webby online.


    • We haven’t seen or heard of anything yet. PhatMojo is scheduled to release their Wave 2 of DuckTales toys in Spring. We think the show will be back to new episodes by then and it would be a great time to see a new rollout of merchandise at the Disney Stores.


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