DuckTales Collection DVD Cover and Details

It looks like thanks to Amazon we have our first look at the cover art for the upcoming DuckTales Collection DVD set that will be released on 1/20/19.

The information that we get from this cover image is that we know it is the “Classic” series of DuckTales, and it is a 10 disc set that has 70 episodes as well as the DuckTales Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. This is a great price for all of those episodes as well as the movie; however, this information is a bit of a letdown as it is not a complete collection. There were 100 episodes in the classic DuckTales series. So we are most likely getting the 1st 3 volumes of the DuckTales episodes and not the newly released DuckTales Vol. 4 with the remaining missing episodes. We will let you know when more information has been released. Definitely recommend this collection if you are missing the first three volumes of DuckTales.

If you are interested in ordering the DuckTales Collection DVD set, you can do so here.

*By purchasing from through this link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

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