Donald and Daisy Magic Bands Available Now at!

I’ve got to Walt Disney World twice in the past five years. On our first trip we were introduced to WDW’s MagicBand system. For those who haven’t visited WDW since MagicBand was implemented it is a convenient way to use your tickets at the parks, utilize FastPass & Dining Plans, manage purchases, and even unlock the door to your room at the resort. The system is very cool and convenient.

Another cool aspect to MagicBands are that you can have one customized (including DuckTales images) and you can purchase themed bands with your favorite characters. There are even collectors edition MagicBands. Yes, MagicBand collecting is a thing.

When we last visited WDW this past May I seriously considered purchasing the classic Huey, Dewey, and Louie MagicBand. If you haven’t seen this design you can check it out here in Pirate’s blog here: Huey, Dewey, and Louie MagicBand2.

We recently saw that a Donald and Daisy Duck MagicBand2 design had been released with the Mickey Mouse shorts’ design. These look amazing. Donald’s MagicBand2 is yellow and includes a very sassy image of our favorite among the Fab Five. One side has his image and the other has a number of his best quotes. Daisy’s MagicBand2 has a similar design but it is pink. The side opposite of her image has hearts. If these had been at the park when we were there they might have been souvenirs for my wife and I.

This morning we realized they are available to purchase from! Check out the photos, and if you are interested in purchasing them, you can follow the links to

Donald Duck


If you bought the MagicBands we hope to here from you. Shoot us a pic of your new bling on Twitter at @DuckTalks

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