New Image for “The Depths Of Uncle Fethry!”

Disney has shared a new image for next week’s DuckTales episode “The Depths Of Uncle Fethry!”

This could be considered our first official image of the character apart from the one shown at SDCC which was supposed to be for attendees only.

We do not know much about this version of the character. The image raises a few questions about the episode. Huey and Dewey are with Fethry in a very industrial looking building. There is a strange hexagonal terminal in the center of the room… there also appears to be an aquarium (or terrarium), and one of those drinking bird toys… curious.

Check out the episode description:

Huey and Dewey are led on an adventure by their distant Uncle Fethry, who takes them to the depths of Scrooge’s deep‐sea laboratory.
*Tom Kenny (“SpongeBob SquarePants”) guest stars as Uncle Fethry.

Tomorrow morning marks the premiere of Season 2 and it looks like we have a lot of fun ahead of us.

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