PhatMojo DuckTales Sunchaser Review

The Sunchaser may have had its last crash in the latest episode The Last Crash of the Sunchaser, but PhatMojo has released a crashtacular vehicle accessory of the Sunchaser to go along with their DuckTales action figure line. You can now relive all of your favorite Sunchaser memories when playing with or displaying your Sunchaser.

“Tell me about the Spear of Selene!”

Too Soon?

**The figures used in the pic above do not come with the Sunchaser. The Dewey figure is from the PhatMojo DuckTales Collectible Figures Pack, and the Scrooge McDuck figure is from the Money Stacks figure set.**

The PhatMojo DuckTales Sunchaser is sold exclusively at Target. It retails for $24.99, and it can also be purchased online here.

There is some minor assembly required when you take all of the parts of the Sunchaser out of the box.

The Sunchaser does come with the 5″ Launchpad McQuack action figure from the PhatMojo DuckTales action figure line which adds extra value to this set. The only difference between the single pack Launchpad McQuack and the one that you get from the Sunchaser is that this one does not come with the binoculars and wrench accessories.

The cockpit opens up to fit Launchpad.

The Sunchaser’s propellers spin, and the lift gate at the back of the plane opens.

I think this is a great vehicle to go with the PhatMojo DuckTales action figure line. I love that Launchpad is included as an added bonus. It would be great if the Sunchaser’s former pilot Della Duck would be included in the action figure line at some point.

What other vehicles from DuckTales would you like to see PhatMojo make? Comment below or tweet us at @DuckTalks

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