DuckTales 2017 Pin Found At Disney Parks!

I searched high and low this past May when my family visited Walt Disney World, but I was unable to find even a classic DuckTales pin.

Mere minutes ago I came across a tweet featuring a 2017 DuckTales pin in the Disney Parks! The Disney Pin Blog posted images of the Pin with others that were released. You can find their post and website below.

They found the image posted by Twitter user @everythingdisney55. We reached out to Sabrina and she gave us permission to use her image. Thanks Sabrina!

As I said, we first saw the pin from the Twitter account @DisneyPinsBlog. You can see their tweet below and a link to their site.


The pin looks great. As should be expected at this point it features the children. Their poses should be familiar because we’ve seen them on other products and advertisements. It is considered an open pin and should be available at both Disney Land and Walt Disney World. No word on future pins but we will be sure to share when we get wind of any more.


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