PhatMojo DuckTales Money Bin Playset Review

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I have always wanted my own Money Bin like Scrooge McDuck when I was a kid.

PhatMojo has made it possible for you to own Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin…in an extremely smaller size of course. As part of the launch line of new DuckTales toys, there is a Money Bin Playset that can be used for play or display with your DuckTales Collectible Figure Pack or DuckTales Money Stack figures. The Money Bin Playset is sold exclusively at Target stores and Target online here. The retail price for the Money Bin Playset is $29.99.

Note: Even though figures are shown in the Money Bin on the back, figures are sold separately and not included with the Money Bin.

The Money Bin opens by twisting the yellow dial in the back.

The DuckTales Money Bin Playset comes with one accessory item. Scrooge McDuck’s Number One Dime. There is a pedestal in the Money Bin for the dime to be on full glorious display.

Note: The dime does not permanently stick into the slot on the pedestal, so if you move the bin around it may fall out.

Below are some pictures that I took trying out the Money Bin Playset to display some of the different types of DuckTales figure sets.

PhatMojo DuckTales Collectible Figures Pack

PhatMojo DuckTales Money Stack Figures

Funko Disney Afternoon Mystery Minis

Overall I am still floored and excited that a DuckTales Money Bin Playset actually exists. I would definitely recommend this set for anyone’s playtime or DuckTales collectibles display. It is such a unique piece that would look awesome on a desk or shelf. I hope that this Money Bin is popular enough for PhatMojo to consider making other DuckTales playsets. I would love a McDuck Manor Playset. An actual Money Bin bank would be swell as well.

Did you pickup the DuckTales Money Bin Playset? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us a pic of your Money Bin on Twitter at @DuckTalks.

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