SDCC PhatMojo DuckTales Figures Review

Update: You can currently order the SDCC exclusive set at the link below for only $9.99.

SDCC PhatMojo DuckTales Figures

DuckTales definitely had a strong presence at SDCC this year. There was a great DuckTales panel that featured some of the cast and crew.

One of the DuckTales exclusive collectibles available at the event was a Gold variant figure set made by PhatMojo. The figure set sold for $29.99 at the event, and it was a limited edition of 1000.

I was able to obtain the SDCC set by winning an eBay auction that was $25+free shipping. So I feel very lucky that I was able to pick up the set for retail price. I didn’t know if I was going to pick up this set, but at that price, even Scrooge McDuck would not pass it up.

The box is the same as the standard set that is sold at Target except for the SDCC exclusive sticker.

These figures looked great in pictures, but they look even better in person. The gold paint job on the figures was flawless. I am overall very happy with my purchase.

The regular DuckTales figure set by PhatMojo is available exclusively at Target stores for $16.99.

Target PhatMojo DuckTales figure set

Were you able to pickup the SDCC PhatMojo DuckTales figure set? Did you get the standard set from Target? Less us know the comments below or shoot us a tweet at @DuckTalks.

*By purchasing from through the link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!


  1. When I was at a Tuesday Morning in Florida I found one of the gold sets in the toy section for 4.99, is it supposed to be sold there?


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