Gravity Falls: Lost Legends Book Review

Gravity Falls? I thought this was a DuckTales blog.

Gravity Falls is right up there at the top of the mountain for my favorite animated show and characters of all time. There is not a show that I could recommend more as a blind buy than Gravity Falls. It is an excellent animated show for both adults and kids. DuckTales is at that very same level.

Dana Terrace was a storyboard artist and animator for Gravity Falls. Dana is also one of the directors of DuckTales (2017). Dana is one of the talented illustrators on the new Gravity Falls: Lost Legends Book that I am about to review.

See how I tied it all back to DuckTales in six degrees of separation or less?

This was a huge week for Gravity Falls. On Tuesday July 24, Shout Factory released the complete series of Gravity Falls on Blu-ray and DVD in a Collector’s Edition. Fans of the show have been begging for the show to be released as a complete series, but most Disney shows only get compilation volume releases and not complete season or series releases. This Shout Factory release even included a ton of bonus features. It is everything that a Gravity Falls fan could have dreamed of. Beyond Gravity Falls, it has fans of other Disney shows excited because the success of this release could lead to other shows finally getting the complete series releases that they deserve. We would all love a release from any of the Disney Afternoon era shows.

The second big Gravity Falls release on that day was a graphic novel with four new stories written by Gravity Falls creator and legend, Alex Hirsch…Gravity Falls: Lost Legends. The show only ran for 2 satisfying seasons for a total of 40 episodes, but just like Ariel…”I want more!” We will most likely not be getting any more seasons as the story of the show was for only one summer, and the finale concluded the show perfectly. There could always be a spinoff show, but there are currently no rumors at this time. We will see with how popular these two new Gravity Falls releases will be if Disney decides to bite and order any more shows about the Pines Family.

Back to the book…this is a review about the Gravity Falls: Lost Legends graphic novel.

Gravity Falls: Lost Legends Review

When a graphic novel was announced by Alex Hirsch that included more stories from the world of Gravity Falls, I preordered immediately.

This is the third Gravity Falls book that I have in my library. There have been more than three Gravity Falls book releases, but I own the Journal 3, Special Edition Journal 3, and now Gravity Falls: Lost Legends. I still need Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun to add to my collection.

Gravity Falls: Lost Legends is available in hardback book or Kindle. Barnes and Noble also has an exclusive edition of the hardback book that includes 16 extra bonus pages with behind the scenes drawings. I have the standard hardback book that I got from Amazon.

The book has a slip cover jacket. The jacket has a great artwork scene from some of the characters that you will read about in the stories included in this book.

If you take the slip jacket off of the book, the book is black with a question mark on the front cover.

As advertised on the slip cover jacket, there are four new Gravity Falls Adventures by Alex Hirsch included in this book. Our host for this book is the Gravity Falls forest gnome Shmebulock. In the show, Shmebulock can only say his name. We find out in this book that he can say other things for one night every 1000 days. Shmebulock loves shipping characters. Who doesn’t?

The four stories in this book are titled:

  • Face It
  • Comix Up!
  • Don’t Dimension It
  • Pines Bros Mystery
  • I am not going to spoil each story with every detail, but I am just going to give you a basic synopsis so that you can enjoy the story when you buy the book. Buy the book, you have no idea how much you need this if you are a fan of the show. The writing is amazing and so smart and funny.
  • In Face It, Pacifica and Dipper team up to go against a new Gravity Falls monster, Mr. What’s-His-Face, that was found in the Journal 1 Book. By the way, I would order a Journal 1 and Journal 2 book if Alex Hirsch ever made a physical copies for sale. I am not going to spoil the story, but we get to see a new mysterious place in Gravity Falls full of new mysteries and monsters and maybe a little romance.
  • In Comix Up!, Stan has some harsh words to say about Soos’ comic book collection. Magic happens and the comics fight back. This was my favorite story from the book. Most of the story has the characters illustrated in different comic styles, and it is brilliant.
  • In Don’t Dimension It, the story takes place after the events of Weirdmageddon. Mabel gets sucked into a wormhole into the Multiverse and Stanford and Stan go to save her. We get to see a whole lot of Mabel personalities in this one and there is a lot of funny moments.
  • In Pines Bros Mystery, we get a flashback to Stanford and Stan when they were kids. They go on a Mystery Adventure and this shows how great their relationship is with each other even though it has its ups and downs. It concludes with a great shot of them in their boat the Stan-O’-War II. This is where we last see them and imagine them after the ending scene of the finale episode of Gravity Falls.
  • Overall I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for fans of the show. I feel if you know the characters more, you will get more out of the book. I read the entire book in my head in the voices from the show. So it totally felt like I was watching brand new episodes of the show. I don’t think you would be lost if you don’t know the characters, but I can’t talk from that point of view because I am obsessed with this show. I hope that this book sells enough copies to get more graphic novels in the future.
  • If interested and you should be if you read this far into the review, you can buy the book here:
  • Gravity Falls: Lost Legends
  • *By purchasing from through this link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!
  • If you are interested on geeking out about either of the Gravity Falls releases this week, feel free to at me @ThePirateSteven on Twitter. I have a really nice collection of Gravity Falls Disney Vinylmation and Gravity Falls Funko POP figures that I would be up to doing a blog about on DuckTalks if enough people demand for it.
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