The Disney Afternoon Giant #1 May Be Reprinted Comics?!

Earlier this past week we reported on the upcoming release of IDW’s Disney Afternoon Giant #1 in October. The news came from IDW’s solicitations for that month. We were very excited by this news and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

It is exciting to think that Disney would continue the trend of producing new Disney Afternoon content. But… maybe that is not the case.

This weekend Aaron Sparrow, The writer for the recent Joe Books’ Darkwing Duck comic, was asked if he knew anything about the rumor of the Disney Afternoon comic and he said he believed it would be a collection of previously released comics.

I believe Aaron speaks truth here, but we do want to point out that this is his opinion based on the creatives listed. Could there be a new book in the works that will use some previously in-used Silvani artwork? I guess it could be possible…

For those of us who missed the Boom! era of Disney Afternoon comics that wouldn’t be a bad thing. And of course sales for this book may very well indicate the demand for a new Disney Afternoon ongoing. Wouldn’t it be great to eventually get new stories of TaleSpin, The Mighty Ducks, ’87 DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, and Darkwing in a giant-sized format that allowed a couple of full issues with each printing?

My local comic guy already knows that I’m need this book in my pull. What about you? Join the conversation below or on Twitter @DuckTalks


  1. Huh. Well IIRC, both the Rescue Rangers and Ducktales series were very short-lived at BOOM, so if they want the comic to continue they’ll have to either come up with new material or reprint older stuff. I wouldn’t mind if they mined some of the old Disney Adventures comics, some of which were quite good, and then mix in some new stuff too!

    I wonder how they would deal with Darkwing though – his BOOM/Joe series was highly serialized, which might not make for the best option in this kind of mixed format.

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