Tom Whalen DuckTales Prints

Tom Whalen is an artist, and he is brilliant.

These prints have been out for a few months now, but I finally got around to framing mine so I decided to do an article on them.

A Tom Whalen DuckTales print was released as part of Gallery Nucleus’ “An Art Tribute to Disney Television Animation” exhibition in Feb/March.

There were two editions that each had a limited edition of 195 prints. One edition featured Magica De Spell and the other print featured Flintheart Glomgold. These prints featured the DuckTales characters in their classic DuckTales 1989 show designs. Each print sold for $75. An extremely limited print of 23 uncut edition of these two prints together was also released and sold for $170 (Sold Out).

I knew as soon as I saw these prints that I needed to have this piece in my collection. My only other Tom Whalen piece is a NYCC exclusive South Park variant print.

I went back in forth between the two pieces on whether or not I wanted the Magica edition or Flintheart Glomgold edition. I finally decided back in February on the Magica edition. I felt like Magica was the ultimate villain and protagonist to Scrooge McDuck in the classic DuckTales series, and I liked that Scrooge was wearing his blue coat as he did in that classic series.

On the other hand, Flintheart Glomgold is my favorite villain and character in the new DuckTales series and it has made me love and appreciate the DuckTales 1989 series version of Flintheart Glomgold even more. Also, I am very much into the red suit look of Scrooge McDuck from the new series, the DuckTales NES game, and the classic Scrooge McDuck comics that I have been obsessing about lately.

I decided the best thing to do for my sanity was to buy both. Tom Whalen put some signed and numbered of 23 Artist Print editions of his DuckTales prints on his website for sale, and at that point I jumped all over it and made my purchase.

The print sizes are both 12″ x 36″. Since I bought both prints, I decided to buy a “24 x 36” frame from Target to fit both prints in a single frame. The framing of the prints together turned out fantastic. It resembles the uncut edition. Cyclops Printworks printed these prints on iced silver paper which kind of reminds me of Scrooge McDuck’s #1 Dime which makes these prints even more spectacular. This is a detail that you can’t appreciate or see by looking at pictures online.

This is definitely my favorite DuckTales purchase that I have made this year. I would really love to see Tom Whalen make a Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, or Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers print. I highly recommend that other DuckTales and Disney Afternoon fans add this print to their collection while it is still available or regret it later.

If interested, Tom Whalen’s DuckTales prints can be purchased at the following websites:

Tom Whalen

Cyclops Printworks

Gallery Nucleus

Which print edition do you like better: Magica or Flintheart Glomgold? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks.

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